Emotiva to Show Off New Emersa Product Line at CES

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Emotiva-Emersa-AVP.jpgAt next month's Consumer Electronics Show, Emotiva will launch the new Emersa product line, designed to offer high performance at real-world prices. The lineup includes the EMP-1 7.1-channel AV preamp ($899, shown here), the EPA-1 stereo preamp ($599) with optional digital modules, the EPI-1 integrated amp ($799), and three ICEpower Class D amplifiers (from $599 to $999). More details are provided in the press release below.

From Emotiva
Emotiva Audio Corporation, the company that continually proves high-end audio doesn't have be high-priced, will use the occasion of CES to introduce Emersa-a leap forward in audio that balances lifestyle and sound.

"Great audio performance should be experienced in the real world. It shouldn't compromise on convenience or performance," says Dan Laufman, President and Founder of Emotiva. "Emersa components have been engineered to balance performance with lifestyle, décor with function. It's our most ambitious introduction yet, delivering a new level of immersive experience with home audio. CES 2016 will be the beginning of something big for Emotiva, our dealers, and most important, music and movie lovers everywhere."

Design and engineering elements shared across the Emersa line emphasize an elegant and slim chassis, bright, informative, easy to read white OLED displays, and the powerful yet easy to use operating system developed for Emotiva's flagship XMC-1 processor. Highlights of the breakthrough new line include:

Emersa EMP-1 (MSRP: $899): This full 7.1-channel preamp processor with unbalanced analog outputs plus balanced subwoofer output, has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, Dirac Live room correction, USB DAC, and an Ethernet remote control option. The EMP-1 features an elegant aluminum chassis and includes a machined aluminum infrared remote control.

Emersa EPA-1 (MSRP: $599): Contemporary stereo preamp with digital audio inputs. An intelligent graphical OLED display automatically provides full support for the options installed. Standard support for four pairs of stereo line level analog inputs and one moving magnet phono input.

In stereo mode, the EPA-1 can be connected to a standard stereo power amp or a pair of powered speakers. In 2.1-channel mode, the main outputs on the EPA-1 can be configured with a fixed 80-Hz high-pass crossover, and a separate summed output is provided to connect a subwoofer.

With the Emersa EPA-1, support for various digital audio options is provided by installing one of three optional Digital Input modules:
• The DAC1 input module provides basic support for streaming audio via USB
• The DAC2 input module offers an audiophile-quality USB audio input featuring an AKM 32-bit D/A converter
• The Universal Streaming module offers digital audio streaming via USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connections

Emersa EPI-1 (MSRP: $799). An optional stereo integrated amplifier with digital audio inputs, the Emersa EPI-1 combines all of the features of the Emersa EPA-1 (including the slim chassis and optional digital input modules) with two channels of ICEpower Class-D power amplification delivering 100 watts RMS per channel.

Emersa Amp (three models). Like the EPA-1 and EPI-1, Emersa Amps share are designed with the same slim, elegant 1RU chassis, and lightweight, ultra-efficient ICEpower Class D power amplification found throughout the line. Individually they are:
• Emersa EDA-2 (MSRP: $599): 2 channels; 150 watts/channel into 8 ohms.
• Emersa EDA-5 (MSRP: $799): 5 channels; 125 watts/channel into 8 ohms.
• Emersa EDA-7 (MSRP: $999): 7 channels; 125 watts/channel into 8 ohms.

Delivering iridescent audio quality, Emersa sets a new standard in the features and functionality expected from high-end audio. Emersa components are available exclusively at www.emotiva.com and through authorized Emotiva dealers. Additional Emersa models will be announced in 2016.

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