Published On: May 23, 2011

Episode Announces ES-700 Tower Speaker

Published On: May 23, 2011

Episode Announces ES-700 Tower Speaker

Episode Speakers has announced a new model, the ES-700 tower speaker. This new floorstanding speaker carries a lot of impressive design features and a very agreeable price tag.


Great for 2-channel audio listening or as left and right speakers flanking your video display, the Episode ES-700 Tower speakers have been hailed as a truly great value at their $1,500 per price tag.

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Episode has combined the strength of Kevlar with the natural damping qualities of paper to make a unique NCS (Natural Cell Structure) material used in the drivers. Additionally, the catenary dome tweeter's oblong shape produces reportedly more off-axis acoustic energy, thus delivering a wide, natural soundstage.


Bookshelf Models
For bookshelf home theater applications, both a single-woofer (2-way) Episode ES-700 Monitor ($299 MSRP each) and the brand-new dual 5.25-inch woofer-equipped ES-700 LCR ($449 MSRP) are also available.

Architectural Models
The 700 series also consists of a vast array of architectural models for in-ceiling and in-wall installations covering distributed audio and home theater applications including surround models.

All Episode loudspeakers are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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