First Look at the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds

Published On: September 15, 2021
Last Updated on: October 30, 2021
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First Look at the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds

The GTW 270 Hybrid gaming earbuds are a well-designed, well-built product that delivers great gaming audio and refreshing connection options.

First Look at the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Gaming Earbuds

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When I heard EPOS were releasing gaming earbuds, I was definitely happy, but not Tom Cruise jumping on my couch-hyped. Until I spotted one exciting detail: COMPATIBLE WITH NINTENDO SWITCH! This single line had me giddy.

The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrids are the first gaming earbuds I’ve encountered that can pair to the Switch without third-party shenanigans. That’s what really makes these earbuds a game-changer.

Having to carry different headphones for my phone and my Switch has been a constant problem. The GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds not only solve this problem but sound great doing it. Thank you, EPOS!

Who are the GTW 270 Hybrids for?

The Hybrids are certainly aimed at the Animal Crossers and Ultimate Smashers who own Nintendo Switches. But they are still decent all-around gaming earbuds. In the recent past, EPOS has worked with Sennheiser to deliver their gaming audio. I’m actually wearing a pair of GSP 370s - a cherished lovechild of the two companies - as I write this article and can attest to the success of their union. But the GTW 270 Hybrids are entirely EPOS.

They are designed with a USB-C dongle that provides a low-latency connection to anything with a USB-C port, so it isn’t just the Nintendo Switch that benefits.

What do the GTW 270 Hybrids look like?

Unboxing the GTW 270 Hybrids was a luxe experience. The packaging heralded quality, and what waited inside the box certainly measured up. The earbuds themselves are well designed, feeling small and light while giving off an air of durability. The body of each earbud is constructed with hard plastics and tied together with a brushed metal faceplate that is visible while worn. These are in-ear designs so there’s no little arm sneaking out of your ear as you’d see on the Razer Hammerheads or Apple Earbuds.

Overall, the fit is great. The GTW 270s come with an array of soft-plastic tips you can use to get it just right. You’ll know when you find the right nub for the job because the seal will improve both the fit and sound quality.

While the aluminum charging case is a bit on the larger side - being around double the size and weight of the Razer Hammerhead’s - it is solidly designed. It looks great and more importantly, feels sturdy. Designed to be sleek and strong, the charging case closes with a crisp snap and will protect the earbuds while itself remaining durable. I wouldn’t be afraid of dropping this case like I would be with others on the market.

Do the GTW 270s have good connectivity?

I’ve already mentioned the USB-C dongle that sets the GTW 270 Hybrids apart from other gaming earbuds, but that’s not the only connectivity option available. The 270s also offer a Bluetooth option for quicker connection. Overall, connecting the earbuds to various devices is moderately easy. There’s some setup you need to do at first, but at the end of the day, it’s simple enough.

The only real issue I had with these earbuds is that, when connected via dongle, the mic doesn’t work. This isn’t a bug; this is a hardware limitation. That said, I didn’t find it overly limiting. Most people who are using the dongle connection to game on the go, aren’t also shouting to their friends about the enemy flanking them.

The mobile gaming experience isn’t tailored for competitive gamers. If you need a mic to play your switch, you shouldn’t be on the go in the first place.


My first impression of the GTW 270 Hybrids is all-in-all positive. They are a well-designed, well-built product that delivers great gaming audio and refreshing connection options. The battery lasts for a long time (up to 20 hours) and they feel comfy the whole time. I love their durability and sound quality and believe that over time they’ll become a standout option.

Quick facts:

  • What it is: EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid
  • What I love: Excellent build and well-rounded quality
  • What I don’t love: Some connectivity hiccups that limit total functionality
  • Size: 0.94 in. x 0.91 in. x 0.93 in. Product height: 0.93 in.
  • MSRP: $‌199.00
  • Jaime
    2021-09-15 21:52:02

    Nintendo just updated the Switch’s Bluetooth to work with Bluetooth headphones/earbuds

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