Floorstanding Speaker Reviews

When you picture the traditional audiophile speaker, you probably imagine a large, floorstanding speaker. The floorstander is designed to produce a full-range sound and generally offers better bass performance than a smaller bookshelf speaker. Today’s floorstanding designs feature a variety of driver types—from the traditional dynamic driver to the electrostatic panel to the horn to the ribbon. Each design carries its own strengths and weaknesses; you can learn more through the Resources presented below. Today’s floorstanding loudspeaker isn’t the boxy black coffin from days of old; many are streamlined pieces of art featuring finishes that rival some of the world’s most exotic cars.

Types of Floorstanding Speakers
What’s the Ideal Speaker Driver Configuration?
What Is an Active Loudspeaker?
How to Pick the Right Amp for Your Speakers (and Vice Versa)
Picking and Placing Your Display, Speakers, and Subwoofer by THX
First-Order Crossovers: Panacea or Problem?
How DSP Can Take Audio to New Heights

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