Floorstanding Speaker Reviews

When you picture the traditional audiophile speaker, you probably imagine a large, floorstanding speaker. The floorstander is designed to produce a full-range sound and generally offers better bass performance than a smaller bookshelf speaker.

Today’s floorstanding designs feature a variety of driver types—from the traditional dynamic driver to the electrostatic panel to the horn to the ribbon. Each design carries its own strengths and weaknesses; you can learn more through the Resources presented below.

The upshot is today's tower speaker isn't the boxy black coffin from days of old; many are streamlined pieces of art featuring finishes that rival some of the world's most exotic cars.

• Types of Floorstanding Speakers
• What’s the Ideal Speaker Driver Configuration?
• What Is an Active Loudspeaker?
• How to Pick the Right Amp for Your Speakers (and Vice Versa)
• Picking and Placing Your Display, Speakers, and Subwoofer by THX
• First-Order Crossovers: Panacea or Problem?
• How DSP Can Take Audio to New Heights

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