4K and 8K TV Reviews

Remember the first time you saw a plasma HDTV? It was love at first sight, right? You had to have one, but the price was way beyond your reach. Now, plasma TVs are nothing but a historical artifact, replaced by LCD TVs and OLED TVs. And for 4K is ubiquitous while 8K is now starting to become available. Also gone are those super-high price tags, today the competition seems to be who can bring consumers the biggest screen for the lowest price.

Today, you can get a big, bright, ultra-thin Ultra HD TV to serve as the cornerstone of your high-performance home theater system. Even 85" screen sizes are often available at a price that's attainable for most mainstream consumers. And recently, TVs have focused on not just 4K and 8K HDR, but also compatibility with gaming systems.

But which TV is the right TV for you? Check out the resources below to learn more about your options, then visit our review archive to read about the latest and greatest in the TV world.

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• High Hopes for High Dynamic Range Video
• Dolby Vision vs. HDR10: What You Need to Know

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