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No high-end or dedicated home theater is complete without a video projector. Video projectors are the only way to truly re-create that big-screen experience you get when going to the movies.

There are many different types of front projectors, ranging in price from well under $1,000 to well over six figures. Which one is right for you?

It begins with answering some basic questions about usage scenarios: Do you need a true home theater projector that can reproduce a really deep black level for a dedicated theater room? Or perhaps you need a brighter, more portable home entertainment projector for a living room or den? What's the difference between LCD, DLP, and LCoS projection technologies? Is 4K the way to go?

Get the answers through the resource links below, and check out the latest projector reviews in our archive

• Five Questions to Ask Before Shopping for a Front-Projection System
• How LCD Projectors Work
• What is DLP?
• LCoS Technology Explained
• What is D-ILA?
• What is SXRD?

Here are explanations for some terms you might see in a projector review

• 4K Video Resolution and Ultra HD Explained
• What Is Keystoning (or Keystone Effect)?
• What is the Screen Door Effect?
• What is the Rainbow Effect in Single-Chip DLP Projectors?
• What Is an Anamorphic Lens?

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