Projector Screen Reviews

No front projection setup is complete without a proper screen. Today’s screen is more than just a smooth white surface upon which to project an image. Modern projection screens come in a variety of materials suited for different viewing applications. You can also choose from a variety of forms, from the traditional fixed frame to the motorized drop-down screen to the hybrid design with an auto masking system. When choosing the right screen, there are many factors to consider, including the screen gain, color, shape, and size. Follow the links below to learn some screen basics, then read our latest reviews of top-performing projection screens from manufacturers like Stewart Filmscreen, dnp, Screen Innovations, Vutec, and more.

Five Questions to Ask Before Shopping for a Front-Projection System
What Is Screen Gain?
Choosing the Right Screen Surface Material For Your Home Theater Projection System
What Does a Motorized Masking System Do?

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