Equi=Tech Model 2Q Reviewed

Published On: October 22, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Equi=Tech Model 2Q Reviewed

Straight from the recording studio and the world of pro audio comes the Equi=Tech Model 2Q. This massive AC product is for hardcore audiophiles who want to once and for all remove all of the noise from their audio systems.

Equi=Tech Model 2Q Reviewed

By Author: Jerry Del Colliano

EQUITECH-2RQ-2-reviewed.gifWhen it comes to quiet, clean power in the recording studio, many engineers look to Equi=Tech for meaningful AC power solutions. In the world of audiophile and high-end home theater systems, Equi=Tech makes an all-out product called the Model 2Q ($2,895) that is one of the most complete, heavy and robust AC power devices you may ever consider using to house the plug of a CD player or stereo preamp. Equi=Tech has a patented way of wrapping a transformer, which is at the heart of he 2Q unit. It makes what is called Bifilar Wound Isolation Transformer. The Equi=Tech 2Q is a 100 percent passive device, which means that, unlike the power regeneration devices out on the market today, it adds nothing to the signal. The Equi=Tech 2Q simply cleans up the incoming power to give your system the cleanest, most quiet power possible.

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High Points
• Unlike power regeneration devices, the Equi=Tech 2q is 97 percent efficient, meaning that the power that comes into your house isn't limited because of all of the digital trickery that your regeneration device is doing to get you clean power.
• The Equi=Tech 2Q filters noise from your AC power and does it as well as, or perhaps even better than, as any other device you might consider buying.
• The cost-no-object design philosophy makes for a truly fine component that will surely appeal to the extremist audiophile.

Low Points
• The look and feel of the device is a little utilitarian compared to products from Exact Power, PS Audio and PurePower.
• The weight of the Equi=Tech 2Q demands careful consideration. If you just stick it in, say, a Middle Atlantic rack without back braces and careful consideration, you might bend the rack rails.

If you are looking for that pro audio, recording studio kind of quiet in your system that gets you just that much closer to the music, consider an Equi=Tech 2Q for your rig. It is built with the extremist in mind and every audiophile should love that. It is one of the finest AC power products on the market today.

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