Exact Power SP15a AC Power Noise Reduction Device Reviewed

Published On: October 22, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Exact Power SP15a AC Power Noise Reduction Device Reviewed

Noise is the enemy of any good audiophile or home theater system. Reduce noise and you will hear better sounding audio and that is the stated goal of the Exact Power SP15a Power Noise Reduction Device reviewed here by Jerry Del Colliano.

Exact Power SP15a AC Power Noise Reduction Device Reviewed

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As a companion to the Exact Power EP15a, power regeneration device, the $1,200 Exact Power SP15 is a single-chassis AV component designed to additionally reduce noise coming into your system from the power grid. The unit is traditionally sized, but you might want to use one of those back braces worn by the guys at the loading dock, because the transformer inside the Exact Power SP15a is true monster. This internal Torodial transformer is wound using a proprietary method that reduces Common Mode Noise, filtering out yet another level of AC power noise from your system. Unlike the technologies used in the Exact Power EP15a, which are digital and processed, the Exact Power SP15a is much more of an analog device. When the two are paired with one another, you get the best of both worlds in power conditioning.

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High Points
• Exact Power's gear looks fantastic in the rack and is built like a tank.
• Removing another layer of noise from your system is never a bad thing, especially in systems that suffer from hum, buzzes and/or other audio maladies.

Low Points
• This sucker is heavy, so consider carefully where you are going to install it and make sure that shelf can handle the prodigious weight.

The world of audiophilia - the art, the fun and/or perhaps the hobby - is about how close to perfection you can get. The Exact Power SP15a is another level of polish designed to make a Best in Class concourse car shine even more. Specifically for front-end components like high-end CD players and digital devices, you will likely hear a meaningful improvement. It will not be the kind of improvement you should expect from your Exact Power EP15a, but it's yet another level of excellence to add to your ever-improving audiophile system. I recommend that you use the Exact Power SP15a, along with an Exact Power EP15a, and consider the two components one overall AC power solution.

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