Published On: December 5, 2023

ExpressVPN for Apple TV is Now Available, Offering Privacy and Global Access

Published On: December 5, 2023
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ExpressVPN for Apple TV is Now Available, Offering Privacy and Global Access

ExpressVPN has launched its VPN app for Apple TV, providing users with a direct means to unlock geo-restricted content and expand their entertainment choices.

ExpressVPN for Apple TV is Now Available, Offering Privacy and Global Access

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ExpressVPN for Apple TV is now available as the popular VPN service has launched its app for tvOS 17, allowing customers to optimize their streaming experience and unlock region-locked content. 

This move comes after Apple introduced third-party VPN support in tvOS 17, a feature primarily framed to benefit education and enterprise users seeking private network access. While Apple did not explicitly market this for consumers, ExpressVPN has seized the opportunity, providing a direct solution for Apple TV users.

“Your streaming experience just got better! Today, we’re excited to announce the all-new ExpressVPN app for Apple TV, making it easier than ever for you to watch your favourite content while enjoying the full range of privacy and security benefits you expect from ExpressVPN,” the company behind the app explains in a blog post.

“To get started, simply visit the App Store on your Apple TV, download the ExpressVPN app, and sign in to your account. That’s it. Now you’re ready to connect to a server location in any of 105 countries around the world, all from the comfort of your couch. Even signing in is a snap: Just scan a QR code with your phone or enter your details with your remote control, and you’re in.”

Before tvOS 17, Apple TV users had to configure their routers to use VPN functionality, making the process cumbersome and less user-friendly. ExpressVPN's app, now available on the Apple TV version of the App Store, streamlines the setup process, enabling users to install the VPN app directly onto their Apple TV.

ExpressVPN for Apple TV VPN Locations

The key advantage of using ExpressVPN for Apple TV lies in accessing geo-restricted content. By rerouting internet traffic through servers in other countries, users can overcome regional restrictions imposed by streaming services, thereby expanding their content libraries. ExpressVPN offers servers in 105 countries, providing users with a wide range of options for their connection.

ExpressVPN for Apple TV utilizes the Lightway VPN protocol, ensuring reliability and consistent speeds. The company has also hinted at further improvements in the coming months, with a beta program offering additional features. While ExpressVPN is not the first to offer an app on tvOS, its presence may pave the way for other major VPN providers to follow suit.

ExpressVPN's move into the Apple TV space follows similar initiatives by smaller VPN outfits like PureVPN and IPVanish. The entry of ExpressVPN, one of the leading VPN companies, highlights the increasing demand for VPN services in the realm of streaming and content access.

The introduction of native VPN support by Apple was initially framed as a benefit for business and education users. However, the adoption by major VPN providers for consumer applications, including ExpressVPN (and future plans by NordVPN, according to the Verge), indicates a broader appeal for everyday users.

ExpressVPN for Apple TV does not include advanced features like split tunneling, a capability that dynamically applies the VPN connection to specific services. Nonetheless, the company assures users of ongoing improvements through its beta program.

ExpressVPN recommends utilizing the 30-day free trial before committing to a subscription to assess the compatibility of the service with individual internet connections.

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