Published On: October 12, 2023

FiiO Expands FT3 Headphones Lineup with the FT3 32Ω Edition

Published On: October 12, 2023
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FiiO Expands FT3 Headphones Lineup with the FT3 32Ω Edition

The FiiO FT3 headphones get an impedance makeover, making them more accessible to a broader audience.

FiiO Expands FT3 Headphones Lineup with the FT3 32Ω Edition

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In a move to diversify its FT3 headphones range, FiiO has unveiled the FT3 32Ω Edition, offering consumers an easier-to-drive open-back headphone option. This development comes as a follow-up to the successful launch of the original FiiO FT3 earlier this year. The new FT3 32Ω Edition, with its reduced impedance, is expected to cater to a wider range of audio enthusiasts, particularly those using lower-powered devices such as Digital Audio Players (DAPs) and smartphones.

The original FiiO FT3 made waves in the audio community with its remarkable features, including 60mm Dynamic Drivers, 3.5mm Single-ended, 4.4mm & XLR Balanced Audio Plugs, interchangeable suede and leather earpads, and a Monocrystalline Copper Cable. This model, known for its exceptional performance, is now also available in an elegant white color variant.

The new FiiO FT3 32Ω Edition maintains the core design of its predecessor, with large 60mm Dynamic Drivers housed in a robust yet lightweight aluminum alloy shell, weighing just 391g. However, the defining difference lies in the impedance rating. While the original FT3 featured a 350Ω impedance, the FT3 32Ω Edition has significantly reduced this to 32Ω, making it a more accessible option for audiophiles with less powerful audio equipment.

To achieve a large 60mm dynamic driver that remains easy to drive with its low 32Ω resistance, FiiO's engineers experimented with various materials for the driver diaphragm. They decided on an LCP Aluminum-plated + Aluminum Metal Composite diaphragm for the FT3 32Ω Edition, ensuring a balanced audio experience.

A pair of FiiO FT3 32Ω Edition Headphones in black and white colors.

Both the FT3 and the FT3 32Ω Edition come with a set of interchangeable connector plugs, accommodating 3.5mm and 6.35mm (single-ended) as well as 4.4mm and XLR-4 (balanced) terminations. This versatility allows users to enjoy these headphones with a wide range of devices, from DAPs and smartphones to PCs and FiiO's R7 desktop hi-res audio player.

A notable feature of both models is their 3-axis swivel design, which enhances the fit and ensures that the drivers are positioned at an angle parallel to the ears when worn. This design should not only reduce high-frequency response distortion but also minimize any reflections caused by the headphone's shell, preventing unwanted standing waves and distortion.

In addition to their high-quality audio performance, the FiiO FT3 and FT3 32Ω Edition headphones come with two pairs of removable earpads, one suede and one leather, providing users with options for comfort and style. A leather carry case is also included to protect the headphones when not in use.

The FT3 32Ω Edition in black and the new white version of the original FT3 are both competitively priced at £289, €299, or $299 at Amazon, making them accessible to a broad range of consumers. These headphones are available this month, providing a potentially attractive option for audio enthusiasts looking for a blend of quality and affordability.

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