Published On: February 24, 2009

First-Ever McIntosh Boutique Opens in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Published On: February 24, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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First-Ever McIntosh Boutique Opens in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil is one of the most trend-setting places on Earth, let alone South America. The country can now boast one more trend - Stefo Jabra, Brazilian distributor for McIntosh, has now opened the first McIntosh boutique in either American continent in the city of Sao Paolo.

First-Ever McIntosh Boutique Opens in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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McIntosh recently announced that the company's Brazilian distributor, Stefo Jabra, has opened the first McIntosh-only boutique in the Americas -- McIntosh Store. The new McIntosh store, owned and operated by Mr. Jabra, opened its doors recently in the fashionable Iguatemi Shopping Center in Sao Paulo. The richly apportioned retail store, designed by respected Brazilian architect and interior designer Karina Afonso, creates a uniquely inviting atmosphere in which to experience McIntosh's luxury home entertainment products. The store carries a broad array of McIntosh audio and video products, beautifully arranged in a variety of lifestyle settings for live demonstration. When visiting the store, customers are able to fully appreciate how the company's legendary products can enrich their enjoyment of home entertainment.

Stephen Baker, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, D & M Holdings, Latin America, noted: "McIntosh is one of the few brands in the world that merits the kind of ultra-luxury presentation and truly exalted in-store environment that Stefo has created for his new Sao Paulo store. Stefo's longtime support and love for the brand, coupled with the built-in appeal that our products already enjoy among Brazil's discriminating home entertainment consumers, has been the driving force behind the store's opening. We're delighted that there is now an exclusive McIntosh-only store in Brazil, and just as with all of our valued dealers, we are committed to providing this new location with our full support and assistance."

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