Published On: July 21, 2010

Florida Retailer Sound Advice On Its Way Back

Published On: July 21, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Florida Retailer Sound Advice On Its Way Back

Sound Advice (good name for a company in the audio business) was bought out in 2001 by audio/visual retailer Tweeter (no relation to Twitter). Tweeter went out of business and now some of Sound Advice's original principals are going to try to make a go of it again in Florida.

Florida Retailer Sound Advice On Its Way Back

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Emerging from the ruins of former specialty A/V retailing titan Tweeter, a group with ties to the original founders of Florida regional power Sound Advice has announced plans to resurrect the Florida chain.

Bought by Tweeter in 2001 in the midst of its cross country buying rampage fueled by public money, Sound Advice went down with the ship in 2008 when Tweeter filed for bankruptcy. Rumor has it that the new bosses want to keep things small. Sound advice...

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