Published On: July 27, 2023

Fluance Unveils the RT81+ Turntable: An Affordable Gateway to High-Fidelity Audio

Published On: July 27, 2023
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Fluance Unveils the RT81+ Turntable: An Affordable Gateway to High-Fidelity Audio

Fluance promises an accessible, upgradeable, and high-fidelity audio experience with the new RT81+ flagship turntable.

Fluance Unveils the RT81+ Turntable: An Affordable Gateway to High-Fidelity Audio

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The popularity of vinyl records continues to surge, drawing in a new generation of audiophiles seeking to experience the nostalgic charm and warmth of analog music. As part of the burgeoning vinyl market, Canadian hi-fi audio manufacturer, Fluance, has announced the latest addition to its Elite series – the RT81+ turntable. 

Designed to appeal to both newcomers and seasoned vinyl enthusiasts, this new model promises an "accessible, yet sophisticated and upgradeable, high-fidelity audio experience."

The RT81+ is a direct evolution of Fluance's acclaimed RT81 turntable, known for its budget-friendly price tag and commendable performance. With this new offering, the company aims to elevate the vinyl-listening experience for all music lovers seeking an affordable option without compromising on sound quality and customization potential.

The turntable's design exudes elegance, featuring a 3-lb (1.36-kg) MDF plinth available in three attractive finishes – walnut, black, and white. To minimize external vibrations and ensure stable playback, the RT81+ rests on three height-adjustable rubber feet.

At the core of the RT81+ lies a balanced S-type aluminum tonearm equipped with a counterweight and anti-skating adjustment. This tonearm hosts a removable headshell that comes pre-fitted with an Audio Technica VM95E moving-magnet cartridge. While the VM95E cartridge provides a commendable baseline performance, it can be easily replaced with any AT-VMN95-compatible upgrade stylus.

The RT81+ relies on a belt-drive system to power its 1.25-pound anti-resonant aluminum platter, adorned with a 3-mm acrylic mat. Supporting both 33 and 45 rpm playback speeds, the turntable offers versatility in enjoying a wide range of vinyl records.

Fluance ensures that the RT81+ is well-equipped to interface with a variety of audio setups. It is equipped with its own TI phono pre-amp, providing ease of connection to amplifiers and receivers through gold-plated RCA connections. For users who prefer an external phono pre-amp, the built-in pre-amp can be bypassed, granting the freedom to tailor the audio experience to personal preferences.

"This turntable is designed to stand out and last for decades to come," said the company's product manager, Justin Koetsier. "It incorporates a number of unique features that reflect Fluance's commitment to superior sound quality, upgradeability, and customer accessibility.

"In essence, the RT81+ aims to deliver an accessible, yet sophisticated and upgradeable, high-fidelity audio experience, embodying our vision of inclusivity. Even as products become more expensive, we remain focused on enabling customers to start with a base model and build it up into a high-end model over time, as they desire and as their resources allow. This is more than a product; it's an enduring commitment to our customers' evolving audio lifestyle."

The RT81+ turntable is now available for purchase at the price of $299.99 at

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