Fluance Updates Its Reference Series Speakers

Published On: August 19, 2020
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Fluance Updates Its Reference Series Speakers

The updated lineup includes floor-standing tower speakers, bookshelf speakers, a central channel speaker, and bipolar surrounds

Fluance Updates Its Reference Series Speakers

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Fluance is adding four new speakers to its Reference Series. The updated XL8F floor-standing tower speakers, XL8S bookshelf speakers, XL8C central channel speaker, and XL8BP bipolar speakers are all available now. All of the models in the Reference Series feature woven fiber drivers and neodymium silk dome tweeters, along with quality wood enclosures that look great and are designed to control resonances and vibration. The XL8F retails for $599.99, the XL8S for $179.99, the XL8C for $149.99, and the XL8BP for $199.99.

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Here's more about Fluance's updated Reference Series:

Fluance, engineers of serious performance, audiophile-approved home audio, music systems and high-fidelity turntables, launches today the next generation of their iconic Reference Series speakers, offering audio enthusiasts a truly dynamic sound experience for their home theater setup. The new Reference Series lineup consists of four high-quality speaker options including floor-standing tower speakers (XL8F), bookshelf speakers (XL8S), a center channel speaker (XL8C) and bipolar speakers (XL8BP), all meticulously re-developed to deliver the ultimate sound experience for the home.

Next Level Sound Performance

The XL8F tower speakers are engineered with premium components that pack a powerful punch of room-filling music delivering a truly immersive home audio experience. The XL8S bookshelf speakers provide exceptional clarity and enveloping sound reproduction that can be utilized as fronts in a 2-channel stereo setup, as a compact home theater system or as surround sound speakers for rear channels. The XL8C center channel speaker provides outstanding clarity for accurate dialogue that can be heard through the rest of the soundtrack. Utilizing a distinct driver configuration design, the XL8BP bipolar speakers create omni-directional acoustics for a captivating movie theater experience. By using only superior components and expert audio engineering, the Reference Speakers are a testament to the performance that can be achieved when passion for music takes center stage.

Rich and Detailed Midrange

The Reference Series uses woven fiber drivers that provide vibrational damping and optimal linear movement resulting in a faithful reproduction of original recordings. These drivers reveal the subtlest sounds and expressions of individual instruments ensuring consumers are hearing a rich and layered soundscape providing a new dimension to their favorite movies and music.

Captivating Clarity in the High Frequencies

Premium neodymium silk dome tweeters in each speaker produce crisp, natural high frequencies while providing spacious off axis dispersion allowing consumers to hear beautifully expressed highs anywhere in the room.

Superior Cabinet Construction

Each speaker in the new Reference Series is built with a meticulously crafted, acoustically inert wood enclosure that features a sealed cabinet (XL8C, XL8BP) or vented bass-reflex design (XL8F, XL8S) or a for controlled low-frequency bass response. The XL8F tower speakers' wood cabinets have rigid internal bracing to prevent unwanted resonance and are composed of separate internal enclosures to keep sound waves isolated to eliminate any acoustic interference.

Pricing and Availability

The Reference Series speakers, XL8F ($599.99 USD), XL8S ($179.99 USD), XL8C ($149.99 USD) and XL8BP ($199.99 USD), are available now at www.fluance.com and www.amazon.com.

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