Published On: February 21, 2024

Focal and Naim Reveal New Gear in Collaboration with House of Stereo

Published On: February 21, 2024
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Focal and Naim Reveal New Gear in Collaboration with House of Stereo

The Florida International Audio Expo 2024 became the stage for an extraordinary audio revelation as Focal and Naim, alongside House of Stereo, showcased their newest advancements in sound technology.

Focal and Naim Reveal New Gear in Collaboration with House of Stereo

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In a recent showcase that has audiophiles and technology enthusiasts buzzing, Focal, in collaboration with its partner House of Stereo, unveiled an array of cutting-edge audio equipment at the Florida International Audio Expo 2024. The event, held in Room 715, was a testament to the synergy between Focal's engineering prowess and Naim's legendary sound amplification, highlighting their shared dedication to redefining the listening experience for enthusiasts around the globe.

The highlight of the showcase was the introduction of several new products, including the Focal Scala Utopia EVO paired with the Naim New Classic 300 Series, and the launch of the Focal Aria Evo X N°4 alongside the new Naim Uniti Nova Power Edition (PE). These systems, along with Focal headphones coupled with the Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition and the outdoor-ready Focal Littora series, show the brands' commitment to innovation across a broad spectrum of listening environments.

The Scala Utopia EVO speakers, renowned for their acoustic excellence, were presented in a custom Ebony White finish exclusive to the Focal Powered by Naim store in Jacksonville. These speakers are available in a range of finishes, with prices starting at $39,998 per pair, reflecting their premium positioning in the market. 

Focal Scala Utopia EVO Speakers Prices:

  • $39,998 pair (Black, Ash Grey, British Racing Green, Metallic Blue, White Carrara)
  • $52,998 pair (Natural or Dark Walnut)
Focal Scala Utopia EVO floorstanding speaker in white color.

The Naim New Classic 300 Series, comprising the NSS 333 streamer, NAC 332 pre-amplifier, NAP 350 monoblock power amplifier, and NPX 300 power supply, complements these speakers with top-tier sound amplification, ensuring an unrivaled auditory experience.

Naim New Classic 300 Series Prices:

  • NSS 333 streamer – $10,999
  • NAC 332 pre-amplifier – $10,999
  • NAP 350 monoblock power amplifier – $8,499
  • NPX 300 power supply - $8,999

The new Focal Aria Evo X series, with its latest iteration, the N°4 in Moss Green, stands as a testament to Focal's effort to continuous improvement. Since its inception in 2013, the Aria range has earned accolades for its combination of advanced technologies like the TNF tweeter and Flax cone. 

Focal Aria Evo X  N°4 in Moss Green finish.

The Aria Evo X N°4, priced at $5,998 per pair, alongside the Naim Uniti Nova PE, represents the pinnacle of compact, high-end audio systems designed for both music and home cinema enthusiasts.

Aria Evo X Prices:

  • Aria Evo X N°1: $2,398 pair
  • Aria Evo X N°2: $4,798 pair
  • Aria Evo X N°3 :$5,198 pair
  • Aria Evo X N°4: $5,998 pair
  • Aria Evo X Center: $999

For outdoor audio solutions, the Focal Littora series offers the OD Stone 8 and OD Sat 5 speakers, designed to withstand adverse weather conditions while blending seamlessly into outdoor spaces. These speakers, along with the OD Sub 12 subwoofer, provide a robust system for outdoor entertainment, priced at $799 for the OD Stone 8 and $679 for the OD Sat 5, respectively.

Focal OD Stone 8 speaker in three different colors.

The showcase also highlighted Focal's prowess in personal audio with the introduction of their Bathys headphones, Focal’s first-ever Hi-Fi Bluetooth and ANC headphones, alongside their high-end offerings like the Utopia 2022 and Clear Mg headphones. Paired with the Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition, these headphones cater to audiophiles seeking the ultimate personal listening experience.

This event not only spotlighted the latest achievements of Focal and Naim but also reinforced their positions as leaders in the high-fidelity audio market. With a blend of technological innovation, aesthetic appeal, and uncompromising sound quality, the showcased products promise to elevate the listening experience for audiophiles and music lovers alike.

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