Published On: September 15, 2023

Focal Bathys Gets The Mimi Hearing Test & New Dune Colorway

Published On: September 15, 2023
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Focal Bathys Gets The Mimi Hearing Test & New Dune Colorway

Focal Bathys headphones receive a tech-savvy makeover, offering users a customized audio experience through the Mimi Hearing Test and a new Dune color option.

Focal Bathys Gets The Mimi Hearing Test & New Dune Colorway

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French audiophile brand Focal has unveiled an exciting upgrade to its premium headphone lineup, the Focal Bathys, which now allows users to customize their listening experience based on their unique hearing capabilities. Alongside this significant update, Focal has introduced a new color option, the Focal Bathys Dune, expanding the headphone's appeal to a broader audience.

The integration of the Mimi Hearing Test into the manufacturer's app is the highlight of these updates. Users can now take a hearing test through the app to assess their hearing abilities. The test involves a series of beeps played against a background of random noise, with users tapping a button whenever they hear the beeps. 

This data is then used to tailor the headphone's equalizer settings, making sure that users can enjoy every subtle detail of their audio, even if they have experienced some hearing loss.

One of the advantages of this feature is its flexibility. Users have the option to run the Mimi Hearing Test multiple times to fine-tune their audio experience. Additionally, they can adjust the intensity of the personalization to suit their preferences or disable it entirely if they prefer the default sound profile. 

Focal Bathys headphones in Dune color.

While the test doesn't provide a detailed breakdown of measured frequencies, it offers a 10-bar chart labeled "low pitch" on the left and "high pitch" on the right to give users a general idea of the adjustments being made.

The Focal Bathys headphones already boasted impressive audio capabilities, with a built-in DAC capable of handling audio in up to 24-bits/192kHz resolution when connected via USB-C. Wirelessly, these headphones support the AAC codec for Bluetooth connections to iOS devices and the aptX Adaptive codec for Android users, ensuring a high-quality listening experience regardless of the source. 

The headphones boast a remarkable 30 hours of listening time on a single battery charge, with fast charging capabilities, adding five hours of playtime with just 15 minutes of charging.

To enjoy the new sound personalization features, users are encouraged to ensure their headphones are updated with the latest firmware (version 1.5.4 or higher) and the app (version 6.4.1 or higher).

In addition to the exciting sound personalization feature, Focal has expanded the Bathys color palette by introducing the new Dune colorway. This addition offers a refreshing alternative to the existing black and silver models. The Dune color exudes a sand-like tone, providing a subtler and more versatile aesthetic that can complement a wider range of personal styles.

The Focal Bathys, including the new Dune colorway, is available for purchase at the price of $699 on Amazon.

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