Published On: August 7, 2023

Focal Headphones on Sale: Save Up To 64% in August 2023!

Published On: August 7, 2023
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Focal Headphones on Sale: Save Up To 64% in August 2023!

Get amazing deals as we unveil an irresistible collection of Focal headphones on sale, promising both exceptional sound and unbeatable value.

Focal Headphones on Sale: Save Up To 64% in August 2023!

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If you're a true music connoisseur, you understand the importance of exceptional sound quality and a comfortable listening experience. Focal, the renowned French audio brand, has long been synonymous with premium headphones that deliver both. 

Now, brace yourself for some exciting news – a selection of their top-notch headphones is currently available at unbeatable prices! Dive into the world of sonic excellence with the Focal Clear Mg, Stellia, Celestee, Elegia, Bathys, Utopia, Clear Mg Professional, and Listen Professional headphones, all on sale with remarkable discounts from August 7 - 13.

Focal HeadphonesDiscounted PriceOriginal PriceYou Save
Focal Clear Mg$1,199.00$1,499.00$300.00
Focal Stellia$2,399.00$2,999.00$600.00
Focal Celestee$799.00$999.00$200.00
Focal Elegia$319.00$890.00$571.00
Focal Bathys$629.00$799.00$170.00
Focal Utopia$3,999.00$4,999.00$1,000.00
Focal Clear MG Professional$1,199.00$1,499.00$300.00
Focal Listen Professional$239.00$299.00$60.00

Focal Clear Mg - Rediscover Sound Purity

Original Price: $1,499.00 

Discounted Price: $1,199.00

Focal Clear Mg headphones

Unveiling the Focal Clear Mg, a pinnacle of open-back headphones that redefine sound purity.

Crafted in France, these headphones incorporate groundbreaking Focal technologies and a unique magnesium cone speaker driver for unrivaled precision and impactful sound reproduction. 

Wrapped in an elegant Chestnut and Mixed-Metals design, the Clear Mg guarantees not only exceptional sound but also luxurious comfort with its leather headband and microfiber earpads.

With a discounted price of $1,199.00 (original price $1,499.00), seize the opportunity to elevate your audio experience.

Focal Stellia - Supreme Sound Luxury

Original Price: $2,999.00 

Discounted Price: $2,399.00

Focal Stellia headphones

Experience the epitome of sound luxury with the Focal Stellia. Equipped with state-of-the-art electrodynamic speaker drivers, these circum-aural headphones offer an expansive frequency response and exceptional bass articulation. 

The cognac and mocha finishes, along with the full-grain leather, make for a statement piece that marries aesthetics with acoustics. With a discounted price of $2,399.00 (original price $2,999.00), these headphones transform your auditory experiences into beautiful journeys.

Focal Celestee - Where Modernity Meets Performance

Original Price: $999.00 

Discounted Price: $799.00

Focal Celestee headphones

Celestee, the embodiment of modernity and performance, introduces Focal's exclusive speaker drivers for impeccable dynamics and precise sound. With acoustic treatments to ensure top-tier audio quality, these headphones deliver clean, detailed sound with a remarkable bass extension. 

The Navy Blue and Soft Copper colorway, combined with high-quality materials, make Celestee a masterpiece of craftsmanship. For $799.00 (original price $999.00), experience the true essence of sound artistry.

Focal Elegia - Private Sound Sanctuary

Original Price: $890.00 

Discounted Price: $319.00

Focal Elegia headphones

Indulge in an unmatched private listening experience with the Focal Elegia. Closed-back and high-end, these headphones boast full-range speaker drivers for exceptional dynamics and sound reproduction. The innovative technologies within, including the frameless copper voice coil and inverted dome, ensure unparalleled sound purity. 

These headphones excel with portable audio players, delivering zero resonance and excellent soundproofing. At $319.00 (original price $890.00), these headphones create your oasis of audio bliss.

Focal Bathys - Wireless Freedom, Hi-Fi Elegance

Original Price: $799.00 

Discounted Price: $629.00

Focal Bathys headphones

Focal Bathys represents the embodiment of wireless freedom and Hi-Fi elegance. With Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation, these headphones offer an immersive listening experience while preserving the audio's authenticity. 

Crafted with Focal's renowned French speakers, these headphones provide a staggering 30 hours of battery life. The Black Silver finish, ergonomic design, and premium materials ensure comfort, making the Bathys a must-have accessory. Acquire this audio gem for $629.00 (original price $799.00) and elevate your daily escapades.

Focal Utopia - A Symphony of Innovation

Original Price: $4,999.00 

Discounted Price: $3,999.00

Focal Utopia headphones

Featuring full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium 'M'-shaped domes that extend from 5Hz to over 50kHz, the Utopia headphones offer unparalleled realism, neutrality, dynamics, and transparency. 

These headphones showcase a fusion of comfort and style. Materials like leather and forged, recycled carbon come together to create a sleek and sophisticated look.

The 'honeycomb' grilles or Black Chrome-finish rings add a unique touch, making these French headphones truly exceptional. Save $1,000.00 and acquire Utopia at the price of $3,999.00.

Focal Clear MG Professional - Precision and Professionalism

Original Price: $1,499.00 

Discounted Price: $1,199.00

Focal Clear MG headphones

Equipped with full-range speaker drivers featuring M-shaped inverted domes crafted from a magnesium cone, The Focal Clear MG offer extraordinary precision, tonal balance, and bass articulation. Designed with sound performance and comfort in mind, the Clear MG Professional headphones boast a curve-enhanced headband, memory foam earpads, and even weight distribution for an unparalleled wearing experience.

The black and red color scheme, along with the signature 'honeycomb' pattern on the earcups, adds a touch of modern elegance to these professional-grade headphones. These headphones are available at the discounted price of $1,199.00 (original price: $1,499.00).

Focal Listen Professional - A Work Tool for Music Production

Original Price: $299.00 

Discounted Price: $239.00

Focal Listen Professional headphones

Designed with music production in mind, the Focal Listen Professional headphones emerge as an essential tool for evaluating sound work quality. These headphones boast a tonal balance and audio spectrum precision that enables users to scrutinize the intricacies of sound production.

Despite their closed-back design, the Listen Professional headphones manage to deliver an incredibly lively sound that mimics the sensation of semi-open headphones. With a discounted price of $239.00 (original price $299.00), the Focal Listen Professional headphones open the door to a realm of precision, clarity, and comfort.

Don't Miss Out on the Ultimate Focal Audio Experience

These Focal headphones are not just accessories; they are portals to a realm of auditory excellence. With their innovative technology, luxurious materials, and unmatched performance, they redefine the way you listen to music. 

And now, with the irresistible discounts on the Focal Clear Mg, Stellia, Celestee, Elegia, Bathys, Utopia, Clear Mg Professional, and Listen professional headphones, there has never been a better time to elevate your listening game. Seize this opportunity to bring home the magic of Focal at prices that are simply too good to resist. Your ears deserve nothing but the best – and Focal delivers just that.

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