Published On: January 15, 2013

Focal Launches New Chorus 700 Series Loudspeakers

Published On: January 15, 2013
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Focal Launches New Chorus 700 Series Loudspeakers

Focal expands upon the company's Chorus line by adding four new models to the 700 series. Adding both bookshelf and floorstanding speaker models, the company hopes to appeal to those looking for more affordable speakers.

Focal Launches New Chorus 700 Series Loudspeakers

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Focal-Chorus-700-series-floorstanding-speaker-small.jpgFocal just showed the new Chorus 700 Series for the first time to its US dealers and international distributors and the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.. The Chorus 700 features a new design - "a design for the post crisis market" as described by Gérard Chrétien Focal's Managing Director. He describes the previous series, which had more dramatic styling, as being "ideal for the time when customers were looking for statement products," whereas now "there has been a shift to more classic design - design with longevity in mind".

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But cosmetic and industrial design cannot be the main selling point of a series of loudspeakers from a company that continues to grow and which also designs the range of loudspeakers known as Utopia.

The 700s use Focal's Polyglass bass and mid-bass units. Focal's AlMg HF unit (tweeter) reportedly delivers a clean treble enabling great vocal intelligibility.

Technology and engineering are key to bringing the performance of the 700 Series to the market at their price points but Focal maintains it's the passion and skill of the team 'voicing' them - finalizing the crossover to optimize the overall performance of each loudspeaker system that turns a good loudspeaker into a great one.

The 700s are priced starting at around $495 for the bookshelf 705 up to $1695 for the 726 floorstander designed for larger rooms or for home theatre applications.

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