Published On: July 26, 2023

Focal Naim Announces Turntable Collaboration With AVIDHIFI

Published On: July 26, 2023
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Focal Naim Announces Turntable Collaboration With AVIDHIFI

Focal Naim North America is expanding its horizons with AVIDHIFI.

Focal Naim Announces Turntable Collaboration With AVIDHIFI

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To celebrate the addition of AVIDHIFI to their North American distribution network, the audiophile-acclaimed company Focal Naim has announced that it will distribute a lineup of high-end turntables that will have options ranging for entry-level consumers to the most passionate of enthusiasts.

The VP of marketing and sales of Focal Naim North America said in a press release that he is excited about the collaboration between the two companies, and is looking forward to releasing products that meet their high standards of excellence.

“Focal Naim North America is proud to distribute AVIDHIFI with its exceptional build quality and outstanding sonic performance,” he said. 

AVIDHIFI is well known for their luxury turntables, which place an emphasis not only on optimal sound quality, but also upscale design. Currently, there are five turntable bundles which plan to be distributed by Focal Naim North America. 

Each of the bundles will include the turntable itself, a tone arm, and a cartridge. Some of the bundles will have multiple options for different tone arms and cartridges, which will affect the price of the bundle.

Ingenium Plug and Play

The Ingenium Plug and Play record player by AVIDHIFI.

The first of these is the Ingenium Plug and Play, which is their entry-level option. The base version, which comes in black, is priced at $1,999. There is also the option to get the Ingenium Plug and Play with the metal platter, which brings the cost to $2,699. 

The player is designed not only to be simple to set up, but to deliver audiophile engineered quality free of unwanted vibrations. Both Ingenium Plug and Play Turntables are equipped with a TA-1 tonearm and CA-1 Cartridge, and are pre-mounted and pre-adjusted to be easily played out of the box.


The DIVA II SP record player by AVIDHIFI.

Next up is a more premium option for those looking to elevate their vinyl experience, the DIVA II SP. The DIVA II SP is specially designed with a heavy aluminum platter and a vibration absorbing screw-down clamp to reduce and eliminate background noise to vanishing levels. 

Priced at $9,999, the player promises stability with its twin belt drive, and precision control of its speed using its digital signal processing engine to reduce variations in electrical supply. These details result in higher fidelity sound across the board, improving bass and treble for a smoother, more dynamic sound. The DIVA II SP includes the Altus tonearm and Ionic cartridge and is available in black.


The Volvere record player by AVIDHIFI.

Taking your control even further is the next turntable, the Volvere. The Volvere is a staple for AVIDHIFI, and it has evolved over the last two decades. The newest generation of Volvere promises precise calibration of the speed of the motor, utilizing the latest external DSP signal-generating power supply, which reduces any unexpected change in signal. 

This not only gives you more control, but ensures a pitch perfect and very clear sound. The Volvere utilizes the Altus tonearm and Ionic cartridge, is available in black or silver, and clocks in at a price of $12,999. 

Sequel Series

The Sequel Record Player by AVIDHIFI.

The Sequel series turntable is designed to elevate your vinyl experience to its absolute best. Vinyl purists will get a lot of mileage out of this player, which promises a combination of crisp clean clarity, outstanding solidity, and precise sound. The Sequel turntable carries over features from their signature Acutus model, and is designed with delicacy and finesse in mind. 

There are two options to choose from with the Sequel series turntables. First is a $15,999 option, which utilizes an Altus tonearm and Ionic cartridge, and comes in black. Second is a $21,999 option, which differentiates itself by using a Nexus tonearm and Boron cartridge. The Nexus tonearm is also the tonearm used by their flagship option, the Acutus.


The Acutus record player by AVIDHIFI.

The Acutus is the final turntable in the lineup being distributed by Focal Naim North America. Acutus is AVIDHIFI’s signature turntable, and has been for over 20 years. The luxury turntable has remained largely unchanged since its launch a quarter century ago, and defined the company’s strive for perfection. 

It is the ultimate turntable for any vinyl enthusiast, promising a precise and vividly realistic image of the recording.Priced at $33,999, the Acutus Classic utilizes the most premium components, including the Nexus tonearm and a Reference Ruby cartridge.The Acutus is built without compromise to ensure the very best, putting music first and foremost.

The collaboration between AVIDHIFI and Focal Naim North America is an exciting prospect for audio and vinyl enthusiasts, bringing high-grade turntable technology to the forefront.

Focal Naim North America has not yet stated when they are expected to start distributing the turntable bundles.

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