Published On: March 4, 2024

Focal Naim Canada Teams Up with Azione Unlimited to Provide Exclusive Audio Solutions in Canada

Published On: March 4, 2024
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Focal Naim Canada Teams Up with Azione Unlimited to Provide Exclusive Audio Solutions in Canada

Canadian audio enthusiasts can anticipate a wider array of high-fidelity options as Focal Naim Canada joins hands with Azione Unlimited.

Focal Naim Canada Teams Up with Azione Unlimited to Provide Exclusive Audio Solutions in Canada

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Focal Naim Canada, a prominent provider of premium audio products, has announced its collaboration with Azione Unlimited, The Smart Home Association, to bolster its presence and offer high-end products in Canada. The partnership between Focal and Naim with Azione Unlimited represents a significant step forward for the audio industry in Canada.

Azione Unlimited, The Smart Home Association, represents a diverse community of custom integration North American members and carefully selected manufacturer members. The association's primary focus is to facilitate collaboration between entrepreneurs and vendors to foster relationships, share ideas, and prosper together. 

With access to a network of business owners in both the United States and Canada, Azione Unlimited provides diligent rebate monitoring, educational webinars, and free networking conferences to its members.

Romain Vet, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Focal Naim Canada, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating: 

"We are thrilled to integrate Focal and Naim into the Canadian Azione Unlimited line card, as this partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey. We believe that this collaboration will not only enhance our presence in Canada but also allow us to offer our high-end products to the discerning clients that dealer members of Azione serve."

Azione Unlimited is a premier association for CI-focused integrators and retailers in the Canadian market, boasting over 40 members nationwide. Known for its commitment to delivering innovative solutions and educational resources, Azione Unlimited provides an ideal platform for Focal Naim Canada to expand its presence and strengthen its position in the Canadian market.

Patrick McCarthy, Director of New Business Development and Member Services for Azione Unlimited, emphasized the compatibility of Focal and Naim with Azione Unlimited's philosophy, saying: 

“One of the philosophies of Azione Unlimited is to have the right partners – and for our Canadian contingency, Focal and Naim is a perfect match. We are proud to have a world-class partner like Focal Naim join our family of vendor members and share their excitement to further develop our incredible dealer members in Canada.”

Through this partnership, Canadian Azione Unlimited members gain exclusive access to Focal and Naim's premium audio solutions, including Focal's custom integration products, high-fidelity speakers, and headphones, as well as Naim electronics. Focal Naim Canada anticipates a mutually beneficial relationship, enabling both parties to achieve their goals in the Canadian market.

Focal Naim Canada encourages those interested in their products to visit their website at Similarly, for more information about Azione Unlimited and its offerings, individuals can visit their official website.

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