Published On: May 19, 2022

Focal & Naim Debut New System at High End Munich 2022

Published On: May 19, 2022
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Focal & Naim Debut New System at High End Munich 2022

Focal and Naim present a complete, cohesive Hi-Fi featuring Aria K2 926 speakers & the Uniti Star in Ash Grey

Focal & Naim Debut New System at High End Munich 2022

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The premier high-end audio show in the world is kicking off. In 2011, Naim and Focal announced their intention to work together to tackle premium audio as a collaborative effort between the English high-end electronics manufacturer and the French acoustics company known for its speakers and headphones.

For High End Munich 2022, Focal and Naim present a stunningly simple, elegant, and capable system. It is a complete Hi-Fi experience distilled into speakers and a player. It features the new Aria K2 926 speakers and Naim's Uniti Star, which is an all-in-one player with built-in stereo amplification.

The inclusion of Naim NAC A5 speaker cables in a 4-meter length means this system is 100% complete, and it is compact and minimalist in a way that stacks of separates can only dream of, yet engineered to deliver a high-end listening experience.

A Debut and Harmonious Pairing

High End Munich 2022 is the first time that Focal is showing the new Aria K2 926 speaker. This speaker uses Focal's K2 aramid fibers sandwich cone tech, which results in an extremely lightweight yet rigid cone that excels at delivering dynamics while avoiding distortion and coloration.

And the system created for this debut takes things up a notch by adopting an ash Gray finish that is taken from the Focal Utopia line, the company's flagship series. The Naim Uniti Star matches the finish on the speakers and is also engineered to be a perfect match in terms of powering this stereo pair.

Focal and Naim emphasize the harmonious nature of the system, in that it is designed around the idea of maximizing both performance and aesthetics.

The cost of this system is $10,999 and you can anticipate it will be available in late summer of 2022.


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