Published On: March 7, 2010

Four More Runco Projectors Get Tough New THX Certification

Published On: March 7, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Four More Runco Projectors Get Tough New THX Certification

THX Certification is often held up as the pinnacle of quality by many. Now, four Runco projectors have undergone the evaluation process and come out on the other side bearing the approval and official certification of THX.

Four More Runco Projectors Get Tough New THX Certification

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Runco-VX-33D-2.gifRunco just announced that the Runco VX-33i and VX-33d DLP home cinema projectors and the QuantumColor Q-750i and Q-750d lampless LED home theater projectors have each received THX Display certification. The goal of THX certification, which was founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas, is to recreate the power and performance of the cinema in a home theater and these new Runco THX Certified projectors are precisely engineered to bring the ultimate video experience to exceptional home theaters.

Leveraging its expertise in the cinema and movie post-production, THX ensures that certified projectors perform to the rigorous standards outlined in the THX Certified Display program. THX is concerned purely with video performance; their design and testing standard is precise, rigorous and only the best video products achieve THX certification. The THX program is an assurance to buyers that high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) content can be projected with accurate color, luminance levels and video processing capabilities.

The Runco VideoXtreme• VX-33i and VX-33d home cinema projectors feature the most advanced display technology featuring an ingeniously-engineered 3-chip DLP• light engine with 1080p SuperOnyx• DMD•, and Runco-proprietary Vivix• video processing and scaling to create a truly enveloping and realistic experience. Utilizing proprietary O-Path• technology and Imaging Science Foundation (ISF•) exacting calibration standards, Runco ensures that light is efficiently culminated in the VX-33i and VX-33d to project ultra-high resolution and brightness, making the VX-33i and VX-33d the perfect projectors to complement even the largest projection screens (greater than 120-inch diagonals) found in the spectacular home cinemas of today's luxury residences.

The revolutionary QuantumColor lampless LED projectors maximize the benefits of Runco's new InfiniLight• illumination technology and pair it with proprietary engineering breakthroughs to create energy-efficient home theater projectors that deliver must-see performance. Runco's proprietary technologies enable the QuantumColor Series to achieve a new level of customized HD video performance, color production and color management that, until now, has been unachievable in home theater projection. QuantumColor projectors produce immeasurable black/white contrast, deliver definitive ColorContrast• and redefine projector specifications in the industry today.

THX has created a wide range of tests for projection and display products based on cinema and video industry best practices and proprietary THX methodologies. This includes tests for signal processing and image quality. During the certification process, Runco projectors are thoroughly analyzed by THX to ensure that they can present content at the best possible resolution with the correct levels. If necessary, THX also identifies and minimizes sources of motion artifacts, image ghosting, dropped frames and picture noise, and makes recommendations for improving product performance.

"We are thrilled to partner with Runco for these newest high-performance projection systems, including the world's first THX Certified LED projectors," said Rick Dean, senior vice president of THX. "THX testing and certification aims to reproduce the detailed images, accurate colors and deep black levels found in the filmmaker's studio, ensuring Runco projectors can deliver stunning visual experiences that are true to director's vision."

THX Certified Display testing is summarized at and includes the following:
Image Quality Testing
• Luminance
• Contrast
• Color Gamut
• Gamma
• Uniformity
• Max Resolution
• Video Signal Processing Testing
• Scaling
• De-interlacing
• Motion/Video Conversion
• Contouring
• Noise Reduction

Runco THX Certified projectors are only available through Runco's Authorized Dealer Network, which is comprised of the best custom home theater integrators in the world. These dealers are trained by Runco to design, build and integrate custom home theaters into the most discriminating homes in the world to ensure precise and pristine performance.

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