Published On: February 6, 2024

From 1961 to 2024: Leak Sandwich Speakers Return with a Bang

Published On: February 6, 2024
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From 1961 to 2024: Leak Sandwich Speakers Return with a Bang

Reviving a timeless legacy, the Leak Sandwich 150 and Sandwich 250 speakers promise to deliver the ultimate auditory experience for enthusiasts of all generations.

From 1961 to 2024: Leak Sandwich Speakers Return with a Bang

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Cambridge-based audio company Leak has unveiled its latest additions to the loudspeaker market, the Leak Sandwich 150 and Leak Sandwich 250. These speakers are a revival of the iconic Leak Sandwich design that made waves in the audio industry back in 1961. Drawing inspiration from the past, these new models combine classic aesthetics with contemporary technologies to cater to the demands of modern audio enthusiasts.

Founded in 1934, Leak enjoyed a prominent presence in the post-war Hi-Fi market, introducing the original Sandwich speakers in 1961. However, the company's fortunes waned in the late '70s and early '80s after changing ownership. In 2020, Leak was resurrected by IAG, the same parent company behind renowned brands like Audiolab, Luxman, Mission, and Wharfedale.

Leak's resurgence began with the release of the Stereo 130 amplifier and CDT CD transport, followed by the Stereo 230 integrated amplifier. Now, the company is offering a fresh take on their classic Sandwich speakers, combining the design elements from the original 1961 models with modern technologies to create what they describe as "the ultimate incarnations of a bona fide British classic."

Leak Sandwich 250 speakers, pair on the stands.

The Sandwich 150 and Sandwich 250 speakers are designed to cater to different audio needs. The Sandwich 150 is a 2-way design, while the Sandwich 250 offers a larger 3-way option, standing at 41.5cm and 65.5cm tall on their respective plinths. 

The name "Sandwich" harks back to the original model's unique mid/bass drive unit, which featured expanded polystyrene foam sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum foil. This innovative design provided enhanced rigidity, minimizing vibrations and delivering a more precise sound.

In the 21st-century versions, Leak has taken the concept a step further by incorporating even stiffer aluminum and aircraft-grade polymethacrylimide structural foam. This combination promises a remarkably smooth frequency response, avoiding sharp peaks or troughs over a broad frequency range, catering to the demands of modern audio systems.

Leak Sandwich 150 speakers with Stereo 230 amplifier between the pair.

Both the Sandwich 150 and Sandwich 250 models feature a 30mm textile dome tweeter with an isolated damped rear chamber, reducing its resonant frequency below the crossover region. The Sandwich 150 also includes a 170mm mid-bass driver, while the Sandwich 250 boasts a 280mm bass driver and a 108mm mid-range unit, all featuring Leak's signature hybrid cones. Each pair of speakers is optimized as "mirror-imaged pairs," ensuring a precise stereo image and a deep, broad soundstage.

The speaker cabinets continue the 'sandwich' tradition with an outer layer of MDF and an inner layer of high-density particle board, strategically crafted to scatter panel resonances. Dual rear ports on both models enhance bass response, with precisely flared designs ensuring optimal air pressure equalization and eliminating 'chuffing' for deep, well-defined bass.

Leak Sandwich 250 speakers on the stands in a living room.

While maintaining the classic Leak aesthetic, these speakers also incorporate modern design elements such as hand-applied walnut veneer, aluminum driver trims, and inserts around the edge of the front baffle. This blend of classic and contemporary design elements creates a visually appealing product that complements modern audio setups.

Leak Sandwich Speakers Main Features:

Design and Materials:

  • Inspired by the iconic 1961 Leak Sandwich speaker design.
  • Stiff aluminum skin bonded to aircraft-grade polymethacrylimide (PMI) structural foam for enhanced rigidity.
  • Hand-applied walnut veneer for a modern and classic look.
  • Aluminum driver trims and inserts for a premium finish.
  • Dual rear ports for improved bass response.

Speaker Models:

  • Sandwich 150: A 2-way speaker model.
  • Sandwich 250: A larger 3-way speaker model.

Driver Configuration:

  • Both models feature a 30mm textile dome tweeter.
  • Sandwich 150: Includes a 170mm mid/bass driver.
  • Sandwich 250: Equipped with a 280mm bass driver and a 108mm midrange unit.
  • All drivers feature Leak's trademark Aluminium-Foamcore Sandwich cone.

Cabinet Construction:

  • 'Sandwich' construction with an outer layer of MDF and an inner layer of high-density particle board.
  • Special glue filling between layers to scatter and dampen resonances.
  • Spot bracing and front-rear brace design inspired by the original.

Sound Quality:

  • Smooth frequency response for accurate sound reproduction.
  • Precise crossover networks for detailed harmonics.
  • Mirror-imaged pairs for precise stereo imaging and a broad soundstage.

Dedicated Stands (Optional for Sandwich 250):

  • High-carbon steel stands designed to optimize speaker height for seated listening.
  • Walnut-veneered base and stainless-steel spikes for stability.
  • Minimizes vibrations and sound reflections for improved audio quality.

The Leak Sandwich 150 and Sandwich 250 speakers are scheduled to start shipping in mid-February, with respective RRPs of £999 / $1295 / AU$2399 and £1999 / $2495 / AU$4799 per pair. For those considering the larger Sandwich 250 model, Leak offers dedicated stands designed to enhance the listening experience, priced at £2299/ $2995 / AU$5699 when added to the checkout.

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