Published On: December 27, 2015

1MORE USA Begins Headphone Sales in U.S.

Published On: December 27, 2015
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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1MORE USA Begins Headphone Sales in U.S.

A new audio company has entered the North American headphone market, aimed at delivering high quality at very affordable prices. 1MORE China has sold 20 million headphone units in three years, and now the company is entering the U.S. market...

1MORE USA Begins Headphone Sales in U.S.

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1MORE-USA-headphones.jpgA new audio company has entered the North American headphone market, aimed at delivering high quality at very affordable prices. 1MORE China has sold 20 million headphone units in three years, and now the company is entering the U.S. market as 1MORE USA. The company will initially offer five different headphone designs--four in-ear monitors and one over-the-ear headphone design, priced from $29.99 to $99.99.
1MORE USA, a premier consumer electronics audio company, is proud to announce their official launch into the North American market. 1MORE USA will provide consumers with premium quality in-ear monitors and over-ear headphones. The premier headphone maker is debuting five premium audio products in the U.S.--four in-ear monitors and one over-ear headphone--with more products planned. 1MORE China sold 20 million units in just three years, and 1MORE USA aims to duplicate their overseas success here in the U.S. 1MORE USA aims to focus on fashionable, high-quality, high-value headphones and audio products. 1MORE USA sets out to redefine the relationship between its brand and its innovations by designing and manufacturing all its components from the ground up. For this reason, we can provide high-performance sound at extraordinary prices while producing a product that is as much form as it is function. With products like their brand new triple-driver in-ear monitors, 1MORE USA strives to make reference-quality audio products that appeal to everyone.

"Our goal is to show the customer that we offer technology, fashion, and quality which is something that 1MORE USA can make available to everybody," says 1MORE USA President Dave Russell. Russell, a consumer technology expert, brings with him an extensive executive and sourcing experience. Russell has served on the board of directors for both Gateway and VIZIO in addition to co-founding Puro Sound Labs. Russell works in combination with Tim Burton, VP of Sales, who also has extensive consumer electronics sales experience working on such accounts as Best Buy and Gateway. "1MORE USA brings a breath of fresh air in the way of real value to a commodity product line and industry," says Burton. 1MORE China, using the same design principles, has sold over 20 million headphone units in just three years.

In a world where headphone companies merely purchase off-the-shelf parts and assemble them to hit various price brackets, 1MORE USA instead designs and manufactures all of its components from the ground up. Starting with the development of the drivers themselves, to the unique design of each headphone through to its production, 1MORE USA is committed to creating the best headphones at affordable prices.

To achieve such high standards, 1MORE USA technicians continuously develop new technologies, include musical experts in the design process, and strive to create an end product that exceeds consumer expectations. Enjoying portable music as the artist originally intended is no longer a luxury, but a 1MORE USA standard. All of our products are personally tuned by four-time Grammy Award winning mixing engineer Luca Bignardi and are rigorously tested for quality in our sound labs.

1MORE USA has broken the unspoken rule in the headphone market--that high-quality headphones have to be expensive, and affordable headphones have bad designs. 1MORE USA is challenging the status quo by solving the issue of creating high-quality headphones at affordable prices in many ways. 1MORE USA is relentlessly designing and developing core components, coordinating efficiently with our production lines and always pursuing the best-in-class quality. In addition, 1MORE USA has pioneered technology for the multi-unit dual driver that includes a balanced armature design and Kevlar coated cables. This coordinated, in-house approach to the 1MORE USA production model results in a more straight to consumer line, which cuts out a lot of companies that might touch and mark up other products. 1MORE USA products are designed to enrich your music listening experience and your life, so get ready to be passionate about your portable music once again!

Products currently available in the 1MORE USA line include: 1M301 Single Driver In-Ear Monitor ($29.99), E0323 Multi-Unit Dual Driver In-Ear Monitor ($79.99-Pre-Orders Only), EO301-C Swarovski Crystal In-Ear Monitor Dual Pack ($79.99), the MK801 Over-Ear Headphones ($79.99) and the E1001 Triple Driver ($99.99). The products are available for sale on and the 1MORE USA website.
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