Published On: March 25, 2024

From Lens to Living Room: The Leica Cine 1 Cinema TV

Published On: March 25, 2024
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From Lens to Living Room: The Leica Cine 1 Cinema TV

Discover the perfect blend of artistry and technology with the Leica Cine 1, where cutting-edge technology meets timeless design in a symphony of visual and auditory splendor.

From Lens to Living Room: The Leica Cine 1 Cinema TV

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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Leica, renowned for its iconic cameras and lenses, ventured into a new realm with the Leica Cine 1 Laser TV ultra-short throw projector. Launched in the US in late 2023, this premium offering marries cutting-edge technology with timeless design, aimed squarely at high-end consumers seeking the pinnacle of cinematic experiences within the comfort of their homes.

The Leica Cine 1 pays homage to Leica's historic connection to cinema, tracing back to Oskar Barnack's groundbreaking invention of the 35 mm standard in 1914. This pioneering spirit continues with the Leica Cine 1, which brings the iconic Leica look into the living room, offering an unparalleled home cinema experience.

At the heart of the Leica Cine 1 lies its commitment to delivering an immersive cinematic experience. Powered by advanced DMD technology, 4K resolution, and triple RGB-laser technology, the Cine 1 creates vibrant film projections of up to 120 inches with exceptional clarity and detail. The Leica Summicron lens, with its ultra-short throw capability, ensures brilliant displays from just 25 cm away, providing viewers with a truly captivating visual feast.

Front view of the Leica Cine 1 projector.

The Cine 1 promises to redefine visual excellence with its 4K resolution, triple laser technology, and exceptional brightness of up to 3,000 ANSI lumens. Combined with Leica's Image Optimization (LIO) technology, every frame is optimized for the best possible picture quality, with natural colors, detailed gradations, and excellent contrast. The integrated Dolby Atmos Surround Sound system further enhances the sensory experience, enveloping viewers in rich, immersive audio.

True to the Leica ethos, the Cine 1 is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Its sleek aluminum housing, automatic dust cover, and perforated speaker design exemplify Leica's dedication to both form and function. Seamlessly integrating into any living space, the Cine 1 embodies the timeless elegance and precision for which Leica is renowned.

Equipped with Google TV streaming platform, voice control, and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Leica Cine 1 offers seamless access to a world of entertainment. Multiple connectivity options, including HDMI 2.1 and USB ports, ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, while WiSA readiness enables wireless audio setups for clutter-free immersion.

Rear view of the Leica Cine 1 projector.

Built to last, the Leica Cine 1 boasts a lifespan of over 25,000 hours, thanks to its innovative RGB-laser technology. Combined with a comprehensive 3-year warranty, the Cine 1 offers peace of mind and enduring entertainment for years to come.

Technical Specifications:

  • Display Technology: DLP 0.47” 4K XPR
  • Resolution: 3840x2160 pixels
  • Brightness: Up to 3000 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000
  • Dynamic Contrast: Approx. 2 Mio.
  • Color Gamut: BT 2020 coverage > 100%
  • Screen Sizes Available: 80 inches, 100 inches, 120 inches
  • Throw Ratio: 0.25
  • Light Source: Direct triple laser RGB
  • Speakers: 2x25 Watt Dolby Atmos speakers
  • Audio Channels: 4.0
  • Audio Technology: Dolby Digital (Plus), Dolby Atmos
  • HDMI: 2x HDMI 2.1 (1x eARC Support), 1x HDMI 2.0
  • USB: 2x USB (1x USB 2.0 & 1x USB 3.0)
  • Ethernet: 1x RJ45
  • Antenna In: 1x RF Tuner
  • S/PDIF: 1x Optical (Toslink)
  • Earphone/Audio Output:1x
  • Power Consumption: Max. 300W (Standard mode), 0.5W (Standby)
  • Voltage:120V - 240V
  • Dimensions:600 x 378 x 149 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 14.5 kg
  • Lifespan: 25,000+ hours
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 6 support
  • TV Tuner: Yes
  • ALR Screen Compatibility: Yes (sold separately)

The Leica Cine 1 is available in two models at Dreamedia: the Cine 1-100 and the Cine 1-120, retailing for $8,995 and $9,495 respectively. To learn more about this projector, check out Dreamedia's thoughts and demo on Cine 1 on their YouTube channel.

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