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I can still remember the first time I sat in a room full of stuffy "reporters" for the unveiling of the world's "first" plasma display. The room was dark, with the exception of a few well-placed accent lights and the room buzzed with questions of the unknown and the thought of something truly "new" to the consumer electronics industry.

As a satin covering slipped off the sharp edges of the component at the front of the room I must admit, I fell for her in all her splendor. She was thin and sexy. Though unshapely in a place or two, it lent itself well to her unique offering. Like a Vegas lounge lizard, I winked and slowly made my way across the room. I was drawn closer to her and I could not wait to breathe against her perfect pixels...Alas she was near and her face looked more like it was painted by a child with a toothbrush rather than the hand of a careful artiste.

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Since the advent of thin, flat and other sexy fixed-pixel displays I have been less than impressed by the picture quality. I'm a price-versus-performance kind of guy and I have yet to use the word "value" in my vocabulary when referring to plasma technology.

Nonetheless, price points have dropped considerably in the past year making plasma displays a reasonable consideration for theatre buffs. While the obvious benefits of space and numerous mounting/installation options have always been there, can the picture quality finally deliver? Fujitsu answers with an affirmative and resounding, "Yes!"

Unique Features - Fujitsu attempts to make their plasma offering in the PDS-5002 intuitive through what they call, "Convergent Visual Medium." This all the display to accept just about any format input into it. And it works. The 1,366-by-768 high-resolution pixel array displays images in true 1080i and 720p, as well as 480i and 480p. ("i" meaning interlace and "p" meaning progressively scanned.) The PDS-5002 will also accept serial input and displays UXGA resolution making it perfect for garners and do-it yourself-movie producers using computer-based software editing programs.

Another feature unique to the Fujitsu is the incorporation of various image-enhancing technologies. The most impressive being Fujitsu's Advanced Video Movement (AVM).
A digital video processor that eliminates any motion related artifacts, improves vertical resolution and restores natural movement. This is not just marketing hype--AVM not only works, it represents a milestone breakthrough in plasma technology.

AVM is also a complex line doubler that effectively converts NTSC signals to eliminate scan lines and smooth out images for a much more lifelike picture. A 3-D Y/C filter cleans up the signal and the result is a near perfect image. The processor also enhances HDTV and DVD signals and has a true, 24-frame playback mode for movies. Going even further, Fujitsu incorporates an orbiter of sorts that moves the displayed image in minute pixel increments to disallow burning the plasma panel phosphors.

Adding to the intuitive use of the Fujitsu PDS-5002 is an auto-detect function that adjusts the aspect ratio to match incoming material specifications. The PDS-5002 will display four standard screens: 4:3, 1.85:1, 16:9, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios.

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