Published On: February 26, 2011

Galaxy Tab Able to Stream Live Television

Published On: February 26, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Galaxy Tab Able to Stream Live Television

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab goes head-to-head with Apple's iPad and while it may boast some pretty impressive specs it's no iPad though the Galaxy Tab does play the multimedia game well with its ability to stream live television signals.

Galaxy Tab Able to Stream Live Television

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Samsung_Galaxy_Tab.gifTech blog, Pocket-lint, reports that Samsung's Galaxy Tab will be able to stream live television. Samsung gave this information to Pocket-lint during the Samsung European Forum 2011 event in Budapest, Hungary. This new feature will see the Galaxy Tab working with Samsung's latest Smart TVs.

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The Galaxy Tab and the Samsung Galaxy S II smart phone will be able to take advantage of the Samsung televisions' second tuner, which will turn them into a portable television to carry around the house. This would happen by connecting to the TV through a wireless network. So you'll have to be near the TV to make this work. No traveling around town with live television.

However, this new feature doesn't work with all models. Only the forthcoming D7000 and D8000 models will be able to offer this feature.

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