Genelec Displays 6010A Bi-Amplified Active Sspeaker And 5040A Active Subwoofer

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Genelec Custom Installation Systems displays its smallest speaker system to date - the new 6010A (7 1/8" 4 3/4" 4 1/2" [height with Iso-Pod• 7 11/16"]). The system has been designed for computer sound systems and other close proximity listening applications requiring a low-profile speaker solution. It can even be plugged directly into personal music players.

Designed as an active loudspeaker, the 6010A contains proprietary drivers, advanced power amplifiers matched to the drivers, active crossover filters and protection circuitry. The 6010A has a die-cast all-aluminum Minimum Diffraction Enclosure• (MDE•), which features large internal volumes and softly curved edges. The 6010A also incorporates Genelec's advanced Directivity Control Waveguide• (DCW•), while the long, curved reflex port ends in a wide flare for bass response.

Each speaker features a 3" bass driver along with a 3/4" high frequency driver loaded into a new Genelec advanced Directivity Control Waveguide. The free field frequency response is 74 Hz - 18 kHz (±2.5 dB). Maximum peak SPL output per pair with music material is 102 dB. Bass and treble drivers are each powered by 12-Watt amplifiers.

The 6010A is magnetically shielded for use in environments where video monitors are in close proximity. Additionally, the 6010A has a hard-wearing painted outer surface available in black, white or silver finish.

Genelec 5040A Active Subwoofer

The new Genelec 5040A subwoofer provides a perfect partner to the 6010A for both stereo and surround applications, and extends the LF response down to 35 Hz. The playback level for the whole system is conveniently controlled by remote volume control provided with the 5040A subwoofer. With five main input/output channels and a dedicated LFE channel with 35/120 Hz reproduction bandwidth selection, the 6010A/5040A system fulfills the needs of 5.1 productions.

The 5040A is designed to complement up to five of Genelec's 6010A active speakers in stereo and surround applications, or a pair of the slightly larger 6020A's in a stereo configuration. The subwoofer features a single 6 1/2" proprietary driver with a 40-Watt power amplifier. It has a frequency response from 35 - 85 Hz (±3 dB), and the ability to deliver a short-term sine wave of 96 dB SPL. The built-in crossover unit features six RCA input connectors for five main channels and LFE channel and five RCA output connectors for the 6010A loudspeakers. The main channels have a fixed high pass filter to work with the Genelec 6010A while the LFE channel can reproduce signals up to 120Hz. In addition to the RCA connectors, a 3.5 mm stereo jack input connector is provided for convenient connection to portable audio players or computers.

Adjustable input sensitivity, in combination with adjustable crossover phase, allows for integration between the 5040A subwoofer and the main speakers. Bass roll-off rate and input sensitivity can also be adjusted to suit different acoustical environments and subwoofer positions.

Genelec's 6010A Bi-Amplified Active Speaker and the 5040A Active Subwoofer will be available fall 2008 with pricing (U.S. MSRP) as follows:

6010A Bi-Amplified Active Speakers: $375.00 each
5040A Active Subwoofer: $700.00

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