Genelec G Four Active Bookshelf Speaker Reviewed

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Genelec-G-and-F-Series.jpgHigh Points
The G Four speakers are of exceptional build quality and well-thought-out design.
• The flat frequency response coupled with an organic level of detail creates an overall impressive sound quality, even at low volume.
• The G Fours have a beautiful Smithsonian appearance that will easily integrate in many interior designs.
• The bass management and preamp capabilities of the F Two subwoofer increase the functionality of the G Fours.

Low Points
Color options are limited to black and white.
• The F Two subwoofer was not the last word in deep bass in a larger room.
• The speakers had a slightly limited soundstage in regards to width in my larger listening room, which I suspect may be improved with further fine-tuning of speaker positioning.

Comparison and Competition
Active speakers are less conventional than passive speakers in the consumer world. As a result, options are not as abundant. While the G Fours have a studio heritage, they are intended for consumer home use. One model that I found that was similar in size and price is the Dynaudio BM5, although it is designated as a professional monitor. Based on other Dynaudio speakers that I have heard, I believe they could be a contender. The Focal Solo 6 Be should be of interest, as well as the ADAM Compact MK3 Active Version.  Of course we can look to Meridian and Linn for their active products, which are wonderful but come in at an entirely different price point.

While many audiophiles love to choose their speakers with the idea of matching and tinkering with amplifiers and cables, there are many people who want electronic crossovers and bi-amplification perfectly matched for the drivers, in a neat compact design - and all the benefits that come with it. This is exactly what you get with the Genelec G Four monitors and companion F Two subwoofer. I was completely impressed with the G Four's quality construction, features, and sound characteristics. I only had a stereo pair and subwoofer to audition, but from what I heard, I can imagine a surround sound setup would be equally impressive. 

Additional Resources
• Visit our Genelec brand page at
• Check out Genelec's complete home audio lineup here.

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