Holiday Gifts for Gamers

Get all of the technology your squad needs to play at a high level.

Get uncompromising fidelity from your gaming headset with these amazing high-end planar magnetic headphones from Audeze. Seriously next level.

Don't be fooled by the compactness of this system, it is a full-blown stereo with built-in advanced streaming capabilities, capable of covering the entire audible range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. For gamers, it represents a higher level of fidelity than you ever going to get out of some Soundbar gaming headset. Get ready to really feel the sound effects, and for the music to sound amazing.

Why an AVR" Because it serves as the foundation of an awesome surround-sound system, just add speakers and sub.

The 48" C1 OLED from LG caused waves, it's the perfect size to serve as a giant monitor with ultimate 4K image quality, and it delivers. Plus it's packed with gaming features like ALLM and VRR. Other sizes make sweet gaming displays, too.

Needs no introduction. Totally get this is a tease since it's almost certainly out of stock. But hey, it is the ultimate gamer gift of 2021 (and 2022, undoubtedly).

You get a ton of features in a highly impressive TV that's offering 120 Hz and VRR and ALLM at a very attractive price.

Another bit of near unobtanium that nonetheless needs to be in the list because it's such an obvious thing to include. Forza 5 awaits.


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