Holiday Gifts for the Audiophile

We love music and want our readers to choose the best audio products to satisfy that love. Rock on!

Our picks for audiophile gifts

The MAC7200 Receiver has 200 Watts per channel, 14 inputs, and a high-performance AM/FM tuner. McIntosh has been creating tuners since the 1950s, with the revolutionary MR78 FM Tuner from 1972 regarded an audio industry classic.

Focal, the world-renowned audio company, introduces Clear Mg. The sound reproduction of these open-back headphones is sharper than that of its Clear predecessor. Every element that elevates the thing to make it more than a pair of headphones defines the luxury of Focal products.

This is a "bang-for-buck champion" speaker system that must not be underestimated for 2-channel applications. Power, precision, nuance, depth, it's all there.

This speaker features an all-new driver array and 3-way SoundMatch crossover. This is audiophile quality for everyone. 5.25 "A midrange driver with a composite glass-fiber cone produces pinpoint precision and a wide soundstage. Highs are rendered with revealing clarity and lifelike realism by the aluminum dome tweeter.

The new GH3 adds Norwegian Pine to the Heritage Series' wood choices. The GH3 is the first entry-level Heritage Series headphone, employing thinner wood but still containing Grado trademark drivers.

Superb sound is ensured by hand-wired analog and digital circuitry, and a huge power transformer. Consider the Naim Uniti Atom if you're serious about your music but want a straightforward setup.


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