(Un)boxes Everywhere: Do You Keep Them?

Stacks of boxes on Christmas morning: as much of a tradition as egg nog and caroling. Which ones should you keep on hand for storage/shipping?

Sometimes unboxing is half the fun of gift-giving, but what do you do with all the fancy boxes from your electronics? How long should you keep the packaging in case you need to return or repair your gift?

Ideally, you should save packaging from very expensive electronics because they are generally high-quality packages you'll want to keep if you move or need to ship your electronics elsewhere. These boxes and their packing materials are usually purpose-built for your product, so they're ideal for keeping especially if the products are bulky or heavy.

Smaller boxes don't usually need to be kept, particularly for personal electronics that are easy to stow, carry and ship. A tablet or smartphone would fit this category. As cool as Apple packaging looks, there's no need to keep that box.

You can always break down large boxes and keep them stored flat in case you need to move your electronics safely and securely. Or, you can recycle them. It's your best bet for most audio/visual gifts.

Enjoy the unboxing!


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