Gifts for Home Theater Enthusiasts

Stream until your heart's content with these picks for the TV binge-watcher.

One of the best, brightest, most vivid UST projectors money can buy, this Samsung will put a home theater-worthy big screen in your living room!

Sony's most affordable true 4K home theater projector is well worth gifting to yourself if you love cinema.

Unleash the immersive thrill of home theater surround sound with reference sound quality, crystal clear dialogue and vocals, head-turning surround effects, deep bass and jaw-dropping dynamic impact. Hear and feel the full impact of your favorite movies and sit alongside your favorite musicians in the studio as the Prime Pinnacle 5.1Surround System transports you with convincing sound.

Huge and gorgeous TV at an unprecedentedly approachable price.

Simply put, an amazing sub for the money that will get you the super deep bass you can feel, that makes movies, music and video games seem more real.

Your Roku Streaming Stick+ will work with any television with an HDMI® connection and connects directly to the TV's HDMI port. Just bring your remote and power.

YOLO, people. 'Nuf said.

An amazing do-it-all machine that offers next-gen gaming and that even has an Ultra HD Blu-ray player built in. The catch? Finding one in stock. We wish you luck!


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