How to Choose The Best TVs for Holiday Gift-Giving

How do you pick the right TV? Our experts weigh in.

When choosing a TV, it's essential to consider your space. Do you have natural light? Do you have enough wall space for wide-angle viewing? Do you have appropriate seating and sound?

Samsung advises buyers to consider viewing distance - divided by two - as a rule of thumb. Calculate how far your seating is from the TV, then divide it by half. So if you usually sit 10 feet from the TV, that's 120 inches, so a 60" TV will be the best fit.

What about sound? In many cases, TV speakers won't do justice to your favorite films or TV shows. Consider what kinds of inputs and outputs your new TV will need for you to connect peripherals.

"Smart" features - allowing you to connect to the Internet, streaming services and apps – are a must for viewing the abundant content available for digital streaming.

Finally, invest in a good set of cables and connectors - it may seem silly to spend big money on an HDMI cable, but the picture quality will be noticeable and the cable will be more durable.


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