Navigating Holiday Sales: What You Need to Know

Are the deals you're drooling over too good to be true? We'll help you figure out how to find and score the best deals.

Sales aren't always what they seem to be. Prices can change drastically in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Here's what you should know about holiday sales and the best prices for the products you want.

Look for "loss leaders"

Retailers will often use a deal on one specific product - let's say a TV, for example - to lure in buyers. The retailer breaks even on the sale, but makes up the profit on the additional products most deal-seekers will buy along with the sale product.

Avoid "flash" sales

Like loss leaders, retailers use "flash" sales - deals with a limited time-frame - to lure buyers. But unlike loss leaders, these deals are typically not much better than normal retail discount prices. Make sure you check other retailers to compare prices.

Wait until after the holidays for big purchases

While everyone loves to open gifts on Christmas morning, you can save a ton of money buying end-of-season, post-holiday products, particularly those that are big-ticket purchases.

Look for closeouts and older models

Retailers often discount closeout models, discontinued models or excessive inventory for the holidays. You can get amazing deals on products just one or two generations older than the newest model.


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