GoldenEar Technology Adds XXL Model to SuperCenter Line

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GoldenEar-XXL-center.jpgGoldenEar Technology has announced the addition of the SuperCenter XXL, the largest member of the SuperCenter line of center-channel speakers. This speaker is designed to be a great match for the Triton One speaker, as well as other models in the Triton and Aon lines. The SuperCenter XXL ($1,249) measures 35 inches wide by 5.75 high by 11 deep, and it contains four 5.25-inch drivers, a High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, and three planar passive radiators.

From GoldenEar
GoldenEar Technology is pleased to announce the new SuperCenter XXL. Ever since our initial product launch in 2010, we have had a continual demand from our dealers, as well as critical listeners, for larger and more powerful center channel loudspeakers. We have continued to meet this demand, first, with the SuperSat 60C, and then with our SuperCenter X and XL. However, with the introduction of the Triton One, the demand continued to escalate for an even larger, more powerful center channel, not only to match with the One, but to be paired with all the Tritons towers, as well as the Aon bookshelf and stand-mount speakers. As we all know, the center channel is a key component in home theater systems, and greater extension and dynamic capability is always a desirable plus.

The extraordinary new SuperCenter XXL is our latest and greatest center channel. Within its svelte 35" wide x 5.75" high x 11" deep cabinet, are 4-5.25" drivers, a High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, 2-6.75" x 8" and 1-7"x10" planar passive radiators and a unique linear-phase crossover, with fully balanced technology originally developed for use in the Triton One flagship, incorporating precision film capacitors. The unique balanced topology reduces stray capacitance in the magnetic circuit, among other things, with the result of dramatically improved clarity.

The cabinet itself, as well as the way the drivers are utilized, is also rather complex, with exceptional sonic results. The outer two 5.25" drivers are actually different than the inner two. They have been optimized for low-frequency reproduction, and are housed in their own separate chambers, where they are each coupled to one of the smaller passive radiators. They are rolled off at the high-end at 500Hz. The two inner 5.25" drivers are coupled to the larger passive radiator, and run all the way up to blend with the tweeter. All four 5.25" drivers operate together in the bass range, for tremendous impact. A huge amount of development time was spent both in our anechoic chamber (which is an exact duplicate of the world famous chamber at the NRC), and in our listening room, to get everything properly blended together and sounding right. Some subtleties, like the different mounting depth of the drivers, were necessary to get the phase response optimally aligned. It is also important to note, that since the pressure wave coming off the top-mounted passives is very low in frequency, only 1"-2" of clearance above the speaker is necessary. And, of course, careful attention was paid to minimizing deleterious diffraction effects, The result is a superb, highly detailed, very smooth and very dynamic center channel, which perfectly matches all of our main speakers.

Retail price in the U.S. is $1,249 each. and availability is now.

Recommended Amplification is 20-350 Watts. Overall frequency response is 33 Hz-35 kHz.

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