Published On: March 5, 2024

Goldmund Unveils Mythical Trio: Asteria, Rhea, and Theia Loudspeakers

Published On: March 5, 2024
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Goldmund Unveils Mythical Trio: Asteria, Rhea, and Theia Loudspeakers

Goldmund invites audiophiles to immerse themselves in the realms of legend and sound with the introduction of the Asteria, Rhea, and Theia speakers.

Goldmund Unveils Mythical Trio: Asteria, Rhea, and Theia Loudspeakers

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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Swiss luxury audio brand Goldmund has unveiled its latest trio of high-end active loudspeakers, drawing inspiration from Greek mythology and boasting premium craftsmanship alongside advanced audio technology. The new lineup, comprising the Asteria, Rhea, and Theia models, follows the footsteps of the company's flagship Gaia speaker, promising an elevated listening experience and exceptional audio quality.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of ancient Greek mythology, Goldmund has named its new speaker range after prominent figures from Greek lore. The Asteria, Rhea, and Theia speakers aim to not only pay homage to their mythological counterparts but also embody the company's ambition to transcend conventional audio experiences.

Each speaker in the series features a design influenced by Goldmund's flagship Gaia model, showcasing a sleek and distinctive aesthetic. Constructed with precision and attention to detail, the Asteria, Rhea, and Theia speakers are crafted from premium materials, including silver-grey aluminum alloy and micro-blasted aluminum for vertical and edge enclosure panels.

Goldmund's Asteria, Rhea, and Theia loudspeakers in silver finish.

The Asteria, positioned as the entry-level model in the lineup, offers a frequency response ranging from 34.5 Hz to 25 kHz and is powered by integrated Telos amplifiers delivering 600 watts of total power. With a single 25mm soft dome tweeter, a 17.7cm midrange driver, and a 22.8cm bass driver, the Asteria promises a captivating audio experience.

Moving up the range, the Rhea model boasts a larger footprint and enhanced power, with a frequency response extending from 26.5 Hz to 25 kHz. Featuring similar driver configurations as the Asteria but with a larger 30cm bass woofer, the Rhea delivers a more immersive soundstage and increased dynamic range, powered by 2 x 175 watts for the tweeter and midrange drivers and 30 watts for the woofer.

At the top of the lineup sits Theia, described as the pinnacle of the trio. With a frequency response spanning from 21 Hz to 25 kHz, Theia incorporates four drivers—a 25mm soft dome tweeter, a 10cm high medium driver, a 15cm low medium driver, and a 30cm bass woofer—powered by a total of 425 watts for the tweeter and mid-range drivers and 350 watts for the woofer.

Goldmund Theia speakers.

Goldmund's proprietary technologies, including Proteus LS software and Leonardo Time Correction technology, are integrated into each speaker to optimize performance and adapt to varying acoustic environments. Additionally, the speakers offer both wired and wireless connectivity options, including high-resolution playback at 24-bit/96kHz.

Key Features: 

  • Premium construction featuring silver-grey aluminum alloy and micro-blasted aluminum panels.
  • Each speaker is equipped with integrated Telos amplifiers for powerful performance.
  • Advanced driver configurations tailored for optimal sound reproduction:
    • Asteria: 25mm soft dome tweeter, 17.7cm midrange, 22.8cm bass driver.
    • Rhea: 25mm soft dome tweeter, 17.7cm midrange, 30cm bass woofer.
    • Theia: 25mm soft dome tweeter, 10cm high medium driver, 15cm low medium driver, 30cm bass woofer.
  • Wide frequency response ranging from 21 Hz to 25 kHz across the lineup.
  • Incorporates Goldmund's proprietary Proteus LS and Leonardo Time Correction technologies for enhanced performance.
  • Supports both wired and wireless connections, including USB dongle integration for computers.
  • High-resolution playback at 24-bit/96kHz for pristine audio quality.
  • Mechanical Grounding technology minimizes vibrations for natural, balanced sound.
  • Customizable enclosure and grille options available.

Employing Mechanical Grounding technology, Goldmund aims to minimize vibrations and ensure a natural, balanced sound reproduction. Despite the premium craftsmanship and advanced features, the new speaker range comes with a hefty price tag, with the Asteria starting at £89,000, the Rhea at £137,000, and Theia at £275,000.

Goldmund's latest offering represents a fusion of artistic inspiration, technological innovation, and uncompromising audio quality, catering to discerning audiophiles seeking a transcendent listening experience. The Asteria, Rhea, and Theia speakers are available for order through Goldmund and its authorized partners, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to elevate their audio setups with these exquisite pieces of audio engineering.

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