Goo Systems "Screen Goo" Paint-on Screen Reviewed

Published On: October 27, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Goo Systems "Screen Goo" Paint-on Screen Reviewed

For years if you had a blank white wall then that meant you had a screen. Why not turn your white walls into a real projection screen with "Screen Goo" a paint-like system that ensures you get all the performance of a dedicated screen without the costs.

Goo Systems "Screen Goo" Paint-on Screen Reviewed

By Author: Jerry Del Colliano

screen-goo.gifWith good digital front video projectors getting more and more affordable, the idea of large-scale home theater has become more and more affordable to mainstream consumers. With lower prices comes the desire to avoid investing in an actual video screen. Some people have tried options like painting a large sheet of drywall a very bright white. Others have tried beaming a video signal onto a sheet. Both of these options are pretty desperate and will elicit lame results. However, for $229, you can buy a fully-loaded Goo Systems paint-on screen kit. This system includes paint, with color determined by the type of projector you have. It comes with tools to help you evenly paint the screen on, as well as possibly even create masking, determine screen size and beyond.

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High Points
For value-oriented systems or rooms where installing a pull-down screen is just not feasible, Goo Systems paint-on screens are surprisingly good and ultra-affordable.
Goo Systems is perfect for outdoor installations. You can take the sheet of drywall idea and paint it with Goo Systems with pretty good results.

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screen-goo.gifLow Points
• At $229 for the full kit, you need to temper your expectations for performance. This is not a Stewart auto-masking CineCurve screen, but it won't cost you $15,000, either.
• Nail pops in your wall and/or drywall imperfections can become problematic when you paint on your screen. 

Competition and Comparison
There isn't much in the way of competition for a product like this.  But some projector screens worth taking a look at in comparison are the Elite Screens ezFrame fixed frame and the Stewart Filmscreen Cine-W.  For more information, please visit our Projector Screen section and our Goo Systems brand page.

If you wanted to show up your neighbor, who just took out the last $79,000 from his equity loan on a 103-inch plasma for his living room, you can buy yourself a nice $3,000 1080p projector, paint on your screen and have a picture that is bigger and a hell of a lot less expensive. Will it be better? It's hard to tell and for $70,000-plus less money, you will have the last laugh.

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