Published On: June 25, 2010

Harman's Mobile Entertainment Showroom Arrives in Stamford

Published On: June 25, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Harman's Mobile Entertainment Showroom Arrives in Stamford

What's got 18 wheels is painted black and rolls into town like a slow moving thunderstorm? Why it's Harman's Mobile Entertainment Showroom, their demonstration room on wheels where they showcase their latest products including their JBL Synthesis home theater system.

Harman's Mobile Entertainment Showroom Arrives in Stamford

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Harman logo.jpgOn Wednesday, June 23, the Mobile Showroom from audio and infotainment company Harman made a stop in the company's hometown of Stamford, CT - at the Rich Forum on Tresser Boulevard and Atlantic Street.

Featuring one audiophile display room and one fully functioning home theater display, Harman's Mobile Showroom has been touring the country for the last five months showcasing its technologies to audiophiles, enthusiasts and dealers.

Proceedings around the Harman Mobile Showroom's homecoming included dealer tours in the showroom, product training, an Open House to the Public, product demonstrations, and a VIP presentation from Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal.

"For over five months, our mobile showroom has been touring cities nationwide, introducing people to our award-winning home theater technologies at conventions, exhibitions and our own events," said Dinesh Paliwal, Chairman and CEO of Harman. "Our 7,500 square foot showroom allows people to experience Harman in a much deeper way than by simply reading about our products in a magazine or seeing them on TV. Our showroom will let them see, hear, and feel what a complete Harman experience is like, first hand."

In creating the mobile showroom, Harman worked closely with custom installation firms, as well as architects and interior design professionals to ensure that each display represents high quality AV performance and aesthetic design.

The audiophile room, which is the first thing seen and heard when entering the mobile showroom, features a 2-channel audio setup with Mark Levinson No53 Amplifiers, a Mark Levinson No326S Preamplifier and a Mark Levinson No512 CD/SACD Player powering two Revel Ultima Salon2 speakers. The home theater room consists of an entire JBL Synthesis set up, including JBL K2S9900's for mains, S4Ai for surrounds, four JBL Synthesis S820 amplifiers, a Lexicon BD-30 Blu-ray Player and an HD projector screen.

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