Harmony 550 Universal Remote Control Reviewed

Harmony 550 Universal Remote Control Reviewed

Lacking the sexy shape of most Harmony remotes, the 550 instead offers high-value features for its low cost. Lots of hard buttons to control multiple devices. It can be programmed via computer, if desired. It can even control IR lighting systems.

harmony_550_remote.jpgThe Harmony 550 is the smallest and simplest of the Harmony remotes, but don't let that fool you. All the good things Harmony is known for are here, just in smaller doses. The 550 is capable of controlling a dozen components and has a black and white LCD display that can show four options at a time. The famous Harmony programming software, which is PC- and Mac-compliant, is included, as is the Help button to walk you through fixing problems with macro implementation. All this comes for under $130.

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The 550's rectangular shape isn't as glamorous as Harmony's more costly remotes, but it is still very functional. Want your lights to dim when playing a movie? No problem, the 550 can control IR lighting systems, too. The smaller-sized display can limit the number of options on a page, but that is the price you pay for the most inexpensive remote in the lineup. The 550 is still more than many will need to control their home theaters and more.

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High Points
• The Harmony 550's famous set-up software and Help button
• User-definable macros and LCD display buttons
• Low cost
• Fully backlit buttons and LCD display

Low Points
• Limited LCD size and fewer buttons per page
• Runs on regular batteries
• Plain shape makes handling slightly less comfortable
• Only controls 12 components, still more than enough for most

The Harmony 550 offers the budget-minded entrance into the world of Harmony remotes, and given its likeness to all the other Harmony remotes, it might be the best buy of all of them. Still able to control more components than most people have in their systems, this remote can easily exceed most simple home theater needs at a price point unheard-of only a few years ago. Add in the tried and true Harmony programming system and database of IR codes and this thing is a steal at its $129.99 price.

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