Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control Reviewed

Published On: June 7, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control Reviewed

Featuring a color LCD screen, backlit buttons, and easy to use computer software, the Harmony 880 universal remote has lots to offer those looking to simplify their home theaters. 15 devices are controllable. Ken Taraszka takes a look for HomeTheaterReview.com.

Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control Reviewed

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harmony_880_remote.jpgHarmony has made quite a name for the company with their universal remotes, for good reason. They have the user interface down better than anyone else in the industry. From the simple Mac- and PC-compatible software for programming the remote to the famous Help button to walk users through when problems arise with the remote's control of a system, Harmony deserves its place in the market. The 880 is a competent and highly flexible remote, capable of controlling up to 15 different components. Its color LCD display has up to eight buttons per page, allowing multiple start-up macros or extra buttons to be displayed, in addition to all the backlit hard buttons on the main body of the remote.

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Should your components not be in Harmony's database of codes, the remote can learn IR codes from the original device. The included lithium ion battery and charging dock keep the remote ready at all times. Should you forget to replace the remote in the dock, don't worry, the battery lasts for days between charges. All keys are backlit for use in dark environments and the LCD display is customizable to suit your tastes. All this comes for just $250.


High Points
• The Harmony 880's exceptional user interface is worth the cost of admission.
• Rechargeable battery and dock included
• Capable of controlling 15 different components 
• Capable of multiple start-up macros
• Famous Harmony Help button to walk you through problems

Low Points
• No RF capability, so line of sight is necessary
• Lacks coolness factor of a touch screen

The incredible flexibility and large number of hard buttons and optional additional buttons on the LCD display make this remote capable of controlling very large and complicated systems with ease. The lack of RF support will require line of sight for use, though, so if you need RF, look to the big brother, the Harmony 890. Otherwise, buy and enjoy!

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