Harmony RF Wireless Extender Reviewed

Harmony RF Wireless Extender Reviewed

Want to put your gear in a rack? Or in a closet? Or maybe it's behind you and you're tired of pointing the remote over your shoulder. If you're also the owner (or soon to be the owner) of a Logitech/Harmony 1000 or 890, the RF Wireless Extender converts control signals to RF.

harmony_rf_wireless.jpgIf you are one of the lucky few to own the Harmony 1000 or 890 universal remote controls, you have the added option of using up to four of these RF to IR extenders. Each RF wireless extender comes with four dual IR emitters, making each one capable of controlling up to eight components. To top it off, you can program each emitter to independently work each component, so if you have four identical CD changers, each one can be controlled properly without interfering with the other three. Priced at just under $100, the RF Extender allow total consistent control of your components, even when there is no clear line of sight or even when they are in different rooms. Should you have multiple RF-compatible Harmony remotes, don't fret. You can "mate" each RF extender to the remote that controls it, so you could easily have several separate systems using these without interference.

Learn more about RF Remote Controls here.

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High Points
• Easy to program
• Controls up to eight individual components
• Works at great distances without line of sight, giving consistent remote control
• Small size makes it easy to hide and it can be mounted onto walls or under shelving

Low Points
• Adds $100 to remote cost for the Harmony 1000; the Harmony 890 comes with one
• IR emitters can look cheap on your gear

Once you step up to an RF-based remote control, you will be hooked. The consistent control they offer and the ability to use your remote anywhere and pointed in any direction simply adds to the flexibility and joy of using your system. Even at the $100 entrance fee, this is one toy you will never want to be without.

Learn more about RF Remote Controls here.

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