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Feb 14, 1994

Stax SR (Omega) Headphones Reviewed

The round shape of the SR-Omega "offers a more comfortable fit and better encircling of the ear." Stax's sound is "about as naked as it gets" and places "as little between you and the music as possible." The SR-Omega was comfortable and our reviewer described it as "beyond doubt the very best of its type"... Continue Reading
Stax SR  (Omega) Headphones Reviewed

Feb 13, 1989

Sony MDR-R10 Headphones Reviewed

Our reviewer was so impressed by the Sony MDR-R10 that he said they "make other limited items, gold-plated or otherwise, seem almost mundane." Sony spared no detail to make every aspect of this product special. It features lambskin pads and pure silk insulation and a linen-bound manual. Overall, "the MDR-10 is an absolutely sensational product" Continue Reading
Sony MDR-R10 Headphones Reviewed

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