Published On: February 5, 2024

High-Quality Audio on a Budget: HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier Unveiled

Published On: February 5, 2024
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High-Quality Audio on a Budget: HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier Unveiled

HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier is a new addition to the HiFi Rose lineup that promises high-quality sound reproduction without breaking the bank.

High-Quality Audio on a Budget: HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier Unveiled

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The HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier has officially made its debut in the audio market, offering an alternative to its predecessor, the RA180, at an affordable price point. This new addition to the HiFi Rose lineup combines modern design with cutting-edge technology to deliver a promising audio experience.

The RA280 takes inspiration from its predecessor, the RA180, and maintains HiFi Rose's signature industrial aesthetic. The amplifier features a sturdy aluminum chassis, giving it a robust and durable feel while effectively isolating sensitive electronic components from external interference. Top-mounted vents not only add character to the design but also aid in heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance.

One of the key highlights of the RA280 is its Class AD Amplifier technology, a variation of Class D amplification that promises higher efficiency, increased output, and improved noise and distortion measurements compared to traditional Class AB designs. 

HiFi Rose has incorporated Gallium Nitride FETs (field-effect transistors) into the RA280's amplifier circuitry, aiming to reduce dead time during switching and deliver a more natural and accurate sound quality akin to a pure analog amplifier.

HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier in black finish.

The RA280 boasts separate 250W amplifier modules for both 4Ω and 8Ω configurations, resulting in a total system power of 500W. To enhance audio quality, the amplifier employs a two-stage LC filter that provides -1dB attenuation up to 65kHz and -3dB attenuation in the 85kHz range. This design reduces carrier noise often associated with Class D amplifiers, ensuring cleaner and more precise sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum.

The RA280 offers a variety of connectivity options to cater to different audio setups. It includes one balanced input and three unbalanced inputs, as well as a built-in MM phono stage designed to deliver distortion-free preamplification for turntables. The front panel of the amplifier provides Bass and Treble tone controls, allowing users to tailor the frequency response according to their preferences, with a ±15dB gain for fine-tuning.

HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier features Gallium Nitride FET.

The power supply of the RA280 draws inspiration from its flagship sibling, the RA180. It utilizes Silicon Carbide FET technology, known for its high voltage support and heat resistance, resulting in efficient power delivery with minimal heat generation. A 2.5kW class PFC circuit and high-capacity condenser further contribute to the amplifier's ability to handle power fluctuations while maintaining clean and natural sound reproduction.

HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier Technical Specifications:

  • Amplifier Out 4Ω: 250W x 2ch (500W)
  • 8Ω: 250W x 2ch (500W)
  • Input Sensitivity Balanced Input: 600mV
  • Unbalanced (Line 1,2,3) Input: 300mV
  • Phono (MM) Input: 5mV
  • Impedance Input Balanced Input: 47kΩ
  • Unbalanced (Line 1,2,3) Input: 47kΩ
  • Phono (MM) Input: 47kΩ
  • THD (Balanced & Unbalanced Input) 0.007% (@ 125W)
  • Damping Factor >250
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Measure (S/N) Balanced, Unbalanced: 109dB
  • Phono MM: 85dB
  • Output Impedance 30mΩ
  • Tone Control (Bass (@100Hz) / Treble (@10kHz)) ±15dB
  • Phono Turnover 500Hz (+13dB @100Hz)
  • Phono Roll-off 2.1kHz (-13.7dB @10kHz)
  • Trigger Trigger can be turned on: 3.3v ~12V
  • Size (W x D x H) 430 x 355 x 103mm
  • Weight 9.5kg
  • Body Solid Aluminium / Rust-Proof Steel
  • Power SMPS (500W)
  • Remote Control IR Input 38kHz Infrared Ray (Within 10m)

The HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier is available in both black and silver finishes, with a suggested retail price of £2,999 (US pricing TBA). While it may not be as feature-rich or powerful as the RA180, its more accessible price point makes it an attractive option for audiophiles looking to achieve a high-quality audio experience without breaking the bank.

HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier with a remote in silver finish.

With the HiFi Rose RA280 Integrated Amplifier, HiFi Rose continues to expand its audio product lineup, offering a more affordable alternative to its flagship RA180 model.

The RA280 combines modern design, advanced Class AD Amplifier technology, and a range of connectivity options to deliver a promising audio experience. 

While it may not offer the same power and features as its higher-priced sibling, it provides an opportunity for budget-conscious audiophiles to enjoy high-quality sound reproduction in their listening spaces.

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