Published On: August 2, 2023

Hisense U8K Mini-LED 4K TV Now Available with Impressive Discounts

Published On: August 2, 2023
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Hisense U8K Mini-LED 4K TV Now Available with Impressive Discounts

Hisense has officially launched three of its U8K mini-led TVs at attractive prices.

Hisense U8K Mini-LED 4K TV Now Available with Impressive Discounts

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Hisense has officially announced the retail availability of its highly anticipated U8K series of mini-LED TVs. The Chinese electronics giant is kicking off the launch with an enticing surprise, offering significant discounts on all models right from day one. 

The U8K series is available in three screen sizes - 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. Normally priced at $1,300, $1,700, and $2,300, respectively, the TVs are currently being offered at a significant discount. The 55-inch model can be purchased for $800, the 65-inch model for $1,100, and the 75-inch model for $1,600.

One of the key highlights of the U8K series is its adoption of mini-LED Pro full-array local dimming technology, which significantly enhances the HDR (High Dynamic Range) experience and improves brightness and contrast over standard LED backlighting. With over 1,000 local dimming zones, the U8K series provides vibrant colors and a refined picture quality that brings lifelike visuals to the screen. 

In addition to mini-LED technology, the U8K models feature Quantum Dot technology, which further enhances color performance, making the TVs capable of producing a wide range of colors with precision and accuracy.

The U8K TVs are powered by the Google TV smart platform, granting users access to a wide range of streaming apps and games via the Google Play Store, along with voice-based commands using Google Assistant. Additionally, the TVs are compatible with Amazon's Alexa, making them seamlessly integrate with other smart devices in users' homes.

In terms of picture quality, the 4K panel of the U8K series supports all major high dynamic range (HDR) formats, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG. This feature distinguishes the U8K series from competitors like Samsung and LG TVs. The TVs boast four HDMI inputs, with one supporting HDMI eARC, and two others featuring HDMI 2.1 features like 4K resolution at 120Hz, 144Hz when connected to a PC, and variable refresh rate (VRR).

Gamers will appreciate the U8K's native 144Hz refresh rate, ensuring smoother gameplay experiences. The TV also incorporates NextGEN TV (ATSC 3.0) signal reception, future-proofing the device for high-quality over-the-air broadcasts. Moreover, the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6E technology ensures uninterrupted streaming, reducing interference with other connected devices.

The audio performance of the U8K series has also seen a significant upgrade. Equipped with a 2.1.2-channel five-speaker sound system offering 50 watts of peak onboard power and Dolby Atmos surround processing, users should expect an immersive and cinematic audio experience.

Other features include Filmmaker and IMAX Enhanced picture modes, an anti-glare screen to minimize reflections, and Dolby Vision IQ, which automatically adjusts picture brightness based on ambient lighting conditions.

Customers interested in experiencing premium entertainment can choose from screen sizes ranging from 55 inches to 75 inches, with an 85-inch model soon to be released.

The Hisense U8K mini-LED TV series is now available for purchase on Best Buy.

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