Published On: September 8, 2023

Hisense Unveils 100-inch Mini LED TV with Dolby Vision

Published On: September 8, 2023
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Hisense Unveils 100-inch Mini LED TV with Dolby Vision

Hisense debuts a colossal 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV at an accessible price point.

Hisense Unveils 100-inch Mini LED TV with Dolby Vision

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Hisense has made a significant stride in the world of home entertainment with its latest product announcement at the CEDIA Expo 2023 in Denver, Colorado. The company has introduced the colossal 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV, which is the flagship addition to its 2023 U8 Series lineup.

Priced at $9,999, the 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV is making waves for several reasons. Firstly, it's being touted as the largest 8K Mini LED TV available on the market, offering a jaw-dropping display experience that rivals even high-end projectors.

"Popularity and consumer interest in big screens continues to grow. Hisense's 75-inch plus segment experienced a 500% increase over the last three years, so we wanted to lean into that success by offering even more options this year," said David Gold, President of Hisense USA. 

"While our laser TV lineup can reach up to an impressive 300-inches, we also wanted to offer an option that showcases Hisense's superior Mini LED experience, and there was no better choice than what's proving to be our most award-winning TV to date: the U8K Series. We're the only brand offering Mini LED at the 100-inch size, at this performance level, with this feature set, and a value package."

The standout feature of the 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV is its Mini-LED backlighting, offering an extraordinary level of contrast and brightness. With the ability to produce up to 1,500 nits of peak brightness and employing over 1,600 local dimming zones, this TV ensures a visual experience that is second to none. It also boasts a native refresh rate of 144Hz, catering to the needs of avid gamers by delivering smooth and responsive gameplay.

One of the key selling points of this television is its forward-thinking technology. The 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV supports NEXTGEN TV, providing access to 4K over-the-air content, including live sports, and Wi-Fi 6E for uninterrupted streaming. Gamers will appreciate features like 144Hz Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), AMD FreeSync Premium, Auto Low-Latency Mode (ALLM), and Dolby Vision Gaming, all of which work together to minimize input lag and deliver an immersive gaming experience.

For cinephiles and enthusiasts of high-quality content, Hisense's new offering includes IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision, ensuring stunning visuals and exceptional color accuracy. Quantum Dot technology further enhances the TV's color reproduction capabilities.

The 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV is also a smart TV powerhouse, running on Google TV's operating system. Users will have access to an extensive library of over 700,000 movies and TV episodes, as well as live TV, through a multitude of entertainment apps.

Sound quality is not an afterthought in this grand TV. It comes equipped with a built-in 2.1.2 multichannel audio system and supports Dolby Atmos immersive audio processing, promising an immersive audio experience that matches its stunning visuals. Connectivity options are diverse, including HDMI with eARC and WiSA SoundSend support for wireless audio.

Despite its impressive specifications, the Hisense 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV comes with a surprisingly (for TVs of this size) accessible price tag of $9,999. While this may seem like a significant investment, it offers a competitive alternative to other high-end TVs on the market. For instance, Samsung revealed its 98-inch, 8K Neo QLED TV last month at the price of $38,000.

The 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV is expected to be available through popular retailers like Best Buy and Amazon later this fall. Integrators and tech enthusiasts eager to get a firsthand look at this impressive television can visit Hisense's booth #1326 at the CEDIA Expo 2023 in Denver from September 7th to 9th.

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