Published On: February 20, 2011

Hitachi Integrates Luidia's eBeam Technology for Interactive Projectors

Published On: February 20, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Hitachi Integrates Luidia's eBeam Technology for Interactive Projectors

Luidia is a name not readily recognized outside of the professional, commercial and retail marketplaces but that hasn't stopped electronics giant, Hitachi, from partnering with them to bring a bit of interactivity to their new line of short throw projectors.

Hitachi Integrates Luidia's eBeam Technology for Interactive Projectors

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Luidia, a developer of interactive technology and solutions, recently announced that the company has formed a partnership with Hitachi's projector division. Hitachi has selected Luidia's eBeam(R) technology to power its Ultimate Interactive Short Throw Projector.

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The new Hitachi iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Interactive Short Throw Projector incorporates Luidia's eBeam interactive technology to create a premium platform for capturing and sharing ideas by transforming flat surfaces into interactive and collaborative workspaces. The announcement was made at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) Show in Amsterdam.

The Hitachi iPJ-AW250N turns any standard whiteboard or smooth surface into an interactive area, giving educators, engineers, architects, business users, and manufacturing departments powerful interactive capabilities without the expense and hassle of a traditional interactive whiteboard (IWB).

The eBeam Ecosystem
For over eight years Luidia has produced an ecosystem of interactive digital capture and collaboration products. Luidia's existing line of products includes the eBeam Edge, for portable surface capture. Luidia provides complete hardware and software solutions that enable interactivity in a wide range of products-- from small and portable-sized devices, to projectors and mounts, to flat panel displays, to large format surfaces.

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