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Our process for selecting the best home security

Although the market may seem overwhelming, here at HomeTheaterReview, we’ve spent the time and effort to identify the best home security systems out there and share the results with you. We understand that technology advancements in smart home automation, cameras, and data storage can be headache inducing. That’s why our rigorous evaluation examined the various features, monitoring service quality, dependability, installation process, and cost to bring you the top choices for both homeowners and renters and save you the grief. Our process includes:

Hands On Testing

As homeowners, we understand your needs, so we make sure to put these home security systems through their paces to ensure they are worth your time and money

Assessing Total Value

It’s not just about finding the lowest price – it’s about finding the best return on your investment and the total cost of ownership


We examine reviews from customers in the Melbourne area to gauge reputation and quality

Customer Support

Home security companies are only as good as their customer support, so we make sure that if you have issues, they will be there to help.

A few of the many benefits of a home security system

Lower insurance premiums
  • Lower insurance premiums can offset the cost of home security systems
Remote thermostat control
  • Save on energy costs while you’re away
  • Coming back from vacation? Get the house to the perfect temp on your way home
Flood (water leak) and Fire monitoring
  • Early detection is critical to minimizing damage and repair costs from water leaks and fire
App-controlled through mobile devices
  • Convenient monitoring of your entire home security system on a device you already have with you
Doorbell Cameras
  • See who’s at the door even while you’re away
  • Deter ‘porch pirates’ from stealing your packages
Google Home and Amazon Alexa control
  • Make total home security easier by choosing a provider that is compatible with existing smart devices
Peace of mind
  • Rest easy and enjoy life knowing your home is safe
Garage door control
  • Never worry about whether you remembered to close the garage door again 
Data storage
  • Easily store and access all your videos in the cloud
Smart locks
  • Customizable access codes let you control and track who comes into your house and when
  • More secure than duplicating metal keys that are untrackable

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Our reviewed providers may have more service areas than the cities below. 
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