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Effective December 1, 2012

HTR-screenshot-12-11.jpgHomeTheaterReview.com is one of the largest specialty audio video sites on the Internet and in all media with well over 300,000 readers per month (source: Google Analytics). Founded in July of 2008 by Jerry Del Colliano after he sold his last group of specialty AV publications - HomeTheaterReview.com has quickly become one of the AV business' top performing home theater product review sites. HTR's editorial staff includes former editors, publishers and staff writers from AVRev.com, Home Theater Magazine, Robb Report, Home Entertainment, Stereophile and elsewhere. HomeTheaterReview.com creates as much (if not more) unique home theater and audiophile content than any other publication in the specialty AV business today.

Some Talking Points About HomeTheaterReview.com

• HomeTheaterReview.com has over 300,000 monthly readers (source: Google Analytics)
• HTR has one of the largest, double-opt-in email lists at 57,250 names (professionally "cleansed")
• HTR has an industry leading 6,600 fans on Facebook.
• HTR has an industry leading 3,300 followers on Twitter
• HTR is known for its high click rate banner ad inventory

How Do I Buy Ads or Submit RFPs?
Call Jerry Del Colliano at 310.860.9988 or email jerry@hometheaterreview.com to learn more or to submit an RFP.

Our campaigns are specifically tailored to the needs of the client. We can accommodate everything from small campaigns to five-figure per month spends from agencies. We know every customer's needs are different and we work to meet their needs on a client by client basis.
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HomeTheaterReview.com Advertising Rate Card Effective December 1, 2012HomeTheaterReview.com is one of the largest specialty audio video sites on the Internet and in all media...
HomeTheaterReview.com Advertising Rate Card

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